WWE: The Miz Will Win the Royal Rumble

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIJanuary 10, 2013

The Miz is your rumble winner. Image by Top 2 Best
The Miz is your rumble winner. Image by Top 2 Best

The Awesome One will win the 2013 Royal Rumble and go on to face the champion of his choice at WrestleMania XXIX.

It is his year to do so.

Having gone up and down the ladder in the last two years, The Miz is due for some serious bouncing back. His loss of the Intercontinental Championship came to some as a surprise but everything happens for a reason in WWE, and this was no different.

December saw him being attacked by CM Punk and The Shield during a segment of Miz TV followed by assault from Dolph Ziggler and his entourage. What can be said about all this?

There will be hell to pay.

It was meant to be a prelude of things to come. With what seems like a forthcoming feud with US champion Antonio Cesaro, things are just getting started for the resident must-see WWE superstar.

Also, just a few days ago, Alberto Del Rio captured the World Heavyweight Championship from Big Show after a grueling "Last Man Standing" match. 

Who hates The Miz in real life and made no secret about it?

You guessed it, none other than the Mexican aristocrat himself.

Things are getting really intriguing.

Winning this would not only put the spotlight on The Miz and help further his recent change of attitude, but it would also add another notch to his already impressive professional wrestling resume.

It is only a matter of time before he wins the big match anyway; why not this year when everything seems at the right place for him?

A feud with Punk would be a blessing in disguise for Miz. The Rock could get involved in there as well, and for the Straight Edge Superstar to lose the title, it would have to be someone beyond this world or someone completely unexpected.

Enter Mike Mizanin.

What an upset that would be. No one really sees it coming, honestly, and that is even more perfect.

CM Punk has also expressed his views on the Awesome One and it could lead to a natural yet bitter feud between both loudmouth performers.

As for Ziggler and Del Rio, the World Championship scene is easier to plan. There could be a triple threat, a four-way, whatever.

The Money in the Bank briefcase is a wild card in there too. You never know when the Show-Off will strike; suspense is in the air.

Ultimately, The Miz winning the Rumble is to make sure he is in a good place on the Mania card. And he has that streak going: 3-0 now, and by the end of the night on April 7, it will stand at four!

Who else has a good chance besides him?

It will not be John Cena, Sheamus, Randy Orton or any of those top superstars. They've already been there and it wouldn't feel like anything special, honestly.

Rock vs. Cena II? Not happening!

Rock vs. Brock for the title? Part-timers won't ever get that honor.

The time for Awesomeness is now. 

So many fans out there dump on The Miz every week, disregarding his potential and laughing off his chances. But it is that same man who defeated Randy Orton for the WWE Championship and retained at WM 27 against John Cena, no less.

There are just a few weeks to guess who can win the big match. The dynamic between Punk and Rock has only just begun, and no one has yet experienced the celebration of Alberto Del Rio's victory.

Nothing is certain in this life, but everything happens for a reason. And in WWE, anything can happen on any given night.

Don't count The Miz out just yet. 

It will all end in a fantastic Skull-Crushing Finale and that...is Awesome!