Will the Hilltoppers Topple the Heavily Favored Bruins?

Chris D'AnielloAnalyst IMarch 26, 2008

Within an NCAA Tournament that carries three double-digit seeded teams into the Sweet 16, one makes everyone say, "Who?"

We all remember(or have at least been made aware of through family or basic College Basketball knowledge) Villanova's run in 1985 in which they pulled one of the greatest upsets in sports history and became the lowest seed to ever win the tournament. So we know who Villanova is.

On CBS's NCAA Tournament Bracket Contest, over 53 percent of the members chose the No. 10 seeded Davidson to upset Gonzaga. While many probably chose the Hoyas to defeat Davidson and advance to the Sweet 16, those committed to the Cinderella story(Ahem.. such as myself) held strong and rolled the Hilltoppers into the Sweet 16. So Davidson so a well known underdog this year.

However, outside of the Hilltoppers themselves, almost no one predicted Western Kentucky's dance into the Sweet 16.

Everyone loves an underdog story and Western Kentucky has certainly provided that this year—dramatic buzzer-beater included. Seeing WKU upset the mighty-but-struggling Bruins would be an upset-lovers dream, but it will not happen.

Courtney Lee is the leader of the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. As Lee goes, the Hilltoppers go. Against UCLA, Lee will go nowhere.

Well...almost nowhere. Lee is going to get a decent amount of points. He's a scorer and he's going to score. But not enough to slay the mighty Bruins.

Those who know the Bruins, know they will have to win in this tournament with their defense. No one on the Bruins knows defense better than guards Darren Collison and Russell Westbrook, two first-team All Pac 10 defenders. And no one in the entire Pac 10 knows defense better than Westbrook, the Pac 10 defensive player of the year.

Westbrook and Collison combined will prevent Lee from taking over the game and carrying the Hilltoppers to the Elite 8.

As much as I would love to be wrong, I see the clock striking midnight on the Cinderella of the West at 6:40 in Phoenix.