Miami Dolphins: Why the New Logo Is Terrible for the Team and Fans

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer IJanuary 13, 2013

New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots vs Miami DolphinsJim Rogash/Getty Images

Ben Volin of The Daily Dolphin reports that Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has a new logo for the team in time for the current NFL draft. At the same time, Paul Lukas of Uniwatch (h/t NESN) revealed what might be the new Dolphins logo.

The new logo reveals a swimming dolphin without a helmet or facial expression. After reading an article by fellow B/R writer Erik Frenz about the subject, a reply was needed.

The new Dolphins logo is terrible and a disgrace for the team and fans. Here are the reasons why.


More Important Issues

A. NFL Draft

The Fins must address the issue of whom to sign for the NFL draft. The draft is vital to a team that has a losing season for the fourth consecutive time.

The Fins have to be careful whom they select. According to SB Nation, they need to find a receiver, cornerback and replacements for players who may go elsewhere.


B. Where Do The Dolphins Go From 2012?

Joe Philbin has to address the issue of why Miami is 7-9 in the last NFL season. Philbin and the Fins have to address why they were scoreless against the New England Patriots on December 30, 2012.

The match between the two AFC Teams was terrible for the Dolphins in the fourth quarter. New England scored 28 points during the last quarter of the match while Miami did not.

Ross and Philbin should sit down and discuss what went wrong, find a solution and change the roster. The roster change will be the determining factor for a great or terrible season.

A new logo is a distraction from the draft and future path of the Dolphins. It is not the change needed for the Fins.


No Relation to Football and Comparisons

The new logo is a departure from previous Dolphins logos and is not related to football. My personal fear is that the symbol may pale in comparison to those of teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars.

It will not help the Dolphins and may be used as a target for jokes by opponents. Karl Man of WPEC CBS 12 News wrote that he interviewed New York Jets fans concerning the new Fin logo.

The response of the Jets fans was one of derision for the Dolphins. They said that the new Dolphins logo would be great for an aquarium, which is my opinion too.

The new logo is also a slap in the face to nearly five decades of Dolphin tradition.


Design Flaws

Paul Lukas of ESPN compared the old and new Dolphin symbols. In the process, he discovered a flaw in the new design.

Lukas noticed that the Dolphin in the new symbol appears to be swimming underwater. It does not make sense to have the rising sun underwater since both logically are incompatible. 



It is hoped that people who support the Miami Dolphins take action to stop the new logo. The consequences of inaction may have devastating effects on the Fins.