Trevor Hoffman Is Wise: Heath Bell Pitches to a Different Tune

Darren FeeneyCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2009

MARYVALE, AZ - FEBRUARY 19: Trevor Hoffman of the Milwaukee Brewers poses during photo day at the Brewers spring training complex on February 19, 2009 in Maryvale, Arizona. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Look at that devious smile. 

Trevor Hoffman had the key, but has thrown it away.

It is almost as if he thought the people of San Diego would not remember him.  Somewhere along on the line, Hoffman thought ahead. 

For the better part of 16 years, ninth inning duties in San Diego meant only one thing: the trot of Trevor from bullpen to mound, while the bells and electric strings of ACDC’s ‘Hell’s Bells’ linger; serving as one of the most coveted introductions in all of sports.

The tune has changed.

It’s Heath Bell’s time now.

But Hoffman, he outsmarted us all.  

Bell should be upset. If only he would have foreseen the opportunity. A trademark that would have sent a marketing group bananas. 

Heath’s Bells...Hell’s Bells...are you kidding me?  

Oh well, it really is a dog eat dog world. 

The Padres sent Trevor packing, while all along he knows he had marketing catalyst that would send the Padres organization over the top.

Nonetheless, from Hell’s Bells to “Blow Me Away”, by the group Breaking Benjamin it is.

If only baseball was played in December. 

Then Bell could come out to 'Jingle Bells'...or maybe not.