Most Diehard Fanbases in World Football

Dan LevyNational Lead WriterJanuary 10, 2013

With so much talk lately about the horrible fans in world football—the racists and anti-semites in particular—we thought it might be a good time to look at some of the other kind of crazy supporters. The diehards. 

Being a fan of a club is usually a birthright, passed down from generation to generation, no matter who is playing on the field or writing the checks in the owner's box. The lifeblood of a club is its fanbase. Having said that, it's easy to be a good fan when your team is playing well. 

What about the fans who still show up when the team gets relegated? What about when the team is bankrupt or in front-office tatters and gets sent down two divisions? What about the fans who truly put their money where their mouth is and purchase a club?

Oh, and just because a team is good doesn't mean the fans can't still be great. Some of the best fans in the world support the best clubs. Some crazy fans may even be a little too supportive

Let's not ignore the clubs in America, either. While MLS may not have centuries of history behind its teams, the fans are just as dedicated as those in other countries, especially in the Pacific Northwest, where soccer has become a religion. 

Hats off to the great fans around the world. Watch the video for a look at some of the best.