Jarrett Jack Gets Nailed by Tony Allen, Drains Shot Anyway

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistJanuary 10, 2013

Even though the Golden State Warriors couldn't come away with the win against the Memphis Grizzlies, losing 94-87, they were able to come away with what was the highlight of the night from Jarrett Jack.

Not only does he get Tony Allen to bit incredibly hard on the pump-fake, he takes the contact with every bit of his body and just chucks it up and prays.

Of course, because this seems to be Jarrett Jack's year, the shot fell, the crowd went nuts and Jack strolled off like it was absolutely nothing.

Most players would have crumbled after getting hit by a flying Tony Allen. Jarrett Jack goes for the three-point play.

— Paul Flannery (@Pflanns) January 10, 2013

How he even gets a shot off seems downright impossible. After realizing that the foul was inevitable, Allen was doing everything he possibly could to keep Jack's arms below his head. At least then the most Jack could do is chuck it vaguely in the direction of the rim.

Not only that, Allen's force made a big enough impact to send Jack reeling diagonally away from the rim, forcing one of the most awkward fadeaways that you'll ever see.

Apparently you just have to have some strong forearms and you can make a shot with an incredibly strong 230-pound man draped across your arms.

That's got to be a nominee for the Ridiculous Shot of the Year Award.