Manchester City Transfer Prospects: 5 Players Fans Desperately Desire in January

Phil Keidel@@PhilKeidelContributor IIJanuary 11, 2013

Manchester City Transfer Prospects: 5 Players Fans Desperately Desire in January

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    Manchester City has accumulated an array of high-priced talent so broad and so deep that Roberto Mancini's primary problem is determining who the 11 best players of the lot are.

    The second problem is finding sufficient playing time to keep the rest happy, or at least quiet.

    If you doubt that second part, consider the behavioral flare-ups from Edin Dzeko and Mario Balotelli thus far this season. Sergio Aguero and Carlos Tevez have been model citizens—because they are getting most of the minutes.

    So what is Manchester City doing in the transfer market, anyway?

    City is seven points behind Manchester United in the Premier League table and already out of Champions League play. For a second consecutive season, all the eggs are in the Premier League basket for City.

    Sergio Aguero has a torn hamstring, and Yaya Toure is playing in the African Cup of Nations for the Ivory Coast.

    So as good as City is, another big-name, high-priced acquisition could make a serious difference.

    Make no mistake, the players that follow are long shots to show up at the Etihad this season. Most of them are probably not going anywhere.

    But landing even one of them would be a real boost to City's title chances.

Edinson Cavani

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    Per The Guardian, City is going in heavy for Napoli striker Edinson Cavani.

    No doubt, Roberto Mancini has vivid memories of Cavani driving stakes through City's Champions League campaign last season.

    After dumping out of Champions League play for a second consecutive year, City is starving for a player who can excel on that stage.

    Cavani is that type of player.

    Which is why Napoli has put an absurd price tag on the striker who is probably not going anywhere in January.

Marouane Fellaini

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    Per The Mirror, City's main opponents for the Premier League title (Chelsea and Manchester United) are the clubs trying to pry Marouane Fellaini out of Everton.

    City is going to be without Yaya Toure for up to six weeks

    Yaya is a big, strong, rangy midfielder who commands the center of the pitch and also has legitimate goal-scoring ability.

    That description also fits Fellaini.

    Of the three big Premiership clubs, United arguably needs Fellaini the most, as midfield is their largest weakness.

    The thought of Fellaini joining up with Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie is pretty terrifying.

Radamel Falcao

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    Radamel Falcao would be a fantastic acquisition for Manchester City because City's best chance to win the Premier League this season is to score an outrageous number of goals.

    Manchester United has a seven-point lead with Robin van Persie leading the Premiership in goals. Perhaps most distressing is that United is doing this without much contribution from an oft-injured Wayne Rooney.

    It is also no secret that Chelsea is after Falcao too, and that Roberto Mancini is trying to thwart the efforts of Roman Abramovich to land Falcao (Via The Independent).

    If Mancini succeeds, Manchester City's signing of Falcao serves not only to bolster City's squad but also to deprive City's competitors of Falcao's services.

Wesley Sneijder

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    As stated before, this is a "wish list," not a "this is probably who City will get" list.

    As stated before, City has a gaping hole in midfield where Yaya Toure usually plays.

    Wesley Sneijder's possible emigration to the Premier League has been rumored so many times that there is great temptation to resist considering him as a possibility.

    But then The Independent ran a story describing how Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and Arsenal are all waiting breathlessly to see if Sneijder accepts a move to Galatasary.

    Sneijder was given only 24 hours to decide whether he is leaving Inter Milan for the Turkish side.

    If he doesn't, though, City brass sitting back and letting Sneijder fall to a rival is not exactly ideal.

Jose Mourinho

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    Right, right, Jose Mourinho is not a player. Sure.

    Here's the thing: the undercurrent narratives of this season for City are whether Roberto Mancini can ever win in the Champions League (so far not so good) and get City back into the title chase with United.

    With another Champions League campaign a seeming lifetime away, Mancini's entire existence as City's manager is tied up with whether he can fashion another come-from-behind league victory over Sir Alex and the Red Devils.

    Anything is possible, but the book at has United as 1-3 to win the Premiership as of this writing, with City 10-3.

    So if Mancini's job is not safe with a second-place (or worse) finish, the smarter move might be to toss him over now and bring in the manager who will ultimately be targeted anyway.

    And the word on the street, per, is that Mourinho might actually be in play.

    Admit it: You do not hate the idea.