Ranking the L.A. Clippers' Most Entertaining Player Twitter Accounts

Jeff NisiusContributor IIJanuary 9, 2013

Ranking the L.A. Clippers' Most Entertaining Player Twitter Accounts

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    There is nothing better than exploring the twitter-verse when there is not much else going on, or when time seems to be dragging.  Honestly, are there many more dynamic creations in the past decade that allow people to connect via the Internet?

    Furthermore, the ability to interact with professional athletes is one of the best qualities of twitter.  Los Angeles Clippers fans know this very well, as there are plenty of informative and interesting Clippers to follow on twitter.

    Here is a breakdown of the top five most entertaining Clippers twitter accounts.

5. Ryan Hollins (@TheRyanHollins)

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    Ryan Hollins might not inject the most humor through his account, but he loves to interact with his followers.  In fact, he especially loves to re-tweet people who comment about the food or acts that perform at H.O.M.E. in Beverly Hills.

    Hollins went into business with the owners of H.O.M.E. and spends a lot of time there when he has nights off, or just to have dinner with his teammates.

    The big man from UCLA is one of the more active Clipper players on twitter and definitely stays updated with his fans.

4. DeAndre Jordan (@deandrejordan)

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    The young comedian who seems to be friends with nearly everyone in the NBA—seriously, it is like he has a handshake for everyone and every team he plays against —loves to post funny pictures he takes of his teammates and the pranks he pulls.

    Unfortunately, his beloved Dallas Cowboys did not make the playoffs or his tweets last weekend would have been an interesting follow.  Jordan has no problem sharing his love of the Cowboys with his twitter followers.  NFC East fans beware.

3. Chris Paul (@CP3)

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    While he may be the best point guard in the NBA, he has yet to catch up with some of his fellow teammates on twitter.  However, his twitter popularity is unmatched on the roster, considering he has 1.64 million followers.

    Chris Paul does a lot of interesting things on his twitter account though, such as hosting trivia contests to win prizes.  Recently, Paul gave away five pair of game-worn shoes to his twitter followers who answered his trivia questions correctly.

    That is the type of interaction fans get excited about and what makes Paul such a great person.

2. Jamal Crawford (@JCrossover)

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    First of all, talk about one of the best twitter handles of all time.  Jamal Crawford’s handle sure lives up to his skills, because he has been shaking defenders with that crossover for years.

    Secondly, Crawford was nominated by HoopsHype as one of the NBA tweeters of the year.  Not only does he keep his followers up to date on where he is and what he is doing, he also loves to interact with his followers about what they are doing or read up on suggestions of where to go when out of town.

    Finally, Jamal tweets multiple times per day.  So if information and interaction are top priorities when following players, Crawford fits the bill.

1. Trey Thompkins (@TreyThompkins)

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    Who?  Trey Thompkins, better known as the guy on the end of the bench in a suit and wearing the dark framed glasses, that’s who.  Thompkins has played in 24 games since being drafted by the Clippers in the second round two years ago, but is the most entertaining to follow on twitter.

    While most outside the Clipper diehards might not know him, Thompkins is very active and has takes on nearly everything.  He continually tweets about current events such as the Orange Bowl and his thoughts on the movie, Django Unchained.

    He may be somewhat of an unknown member of the Clippers, but his twitter feed is filled with gold.  Not to mention, his twitter background is quite awesome.