The Biggest Shocker in Wrestlemania History: What If?

Donny QuickContributor IMarch 30, 2009

Okay now imagine this, we've seen many of big shockers over the years, but listen to this one.

Wrestlemania 25, many of matches we're definitely looking forward to, right?

Orton vs. HHH, quite possibly one of the biggest matches of the night, right?

What if there was a big jaw dropper?

The match is very well hyped and has a lot of potential, but one man could make this the biggest match in the history of Sports Entertainment.

The match keeps going back and forth, lots of excitement.

Even Rhodes & DiBiase make their way into the match.

Triple H evades Legacy, despite them trying to take him out.

A couple of spinebusters and knee drops, you know, classic Triple H.

Then Orton gets up and gets the upper hand once again.

Back and forth we go, close falls and plenty of counters.

Triple H actually gets a pedigree on "The Legend Killer", the crowd goes in an uproar but not only because of "The Game's" finisher but because of someone coming out from the back.

Triple H turns around and BAM!

Sweet Chin Music!

Shawn Michaels shocks the world.

Now I know your thinking, "Donny, why in the hell would HBK screw over HHH?"

I'll tell you why.

Now let me take you back to one match in the night, HBK vs. 'Taker.

I'm not going to get into details, lots of action, counters, a classic all-around match.

After all of Michael's antics, Undertaker prevails 17-0. This sends Shawn into an uproar, he snaps out in the ring and even attacks a couple cameramen.

The commentators talk about Shawn's rage about losing the match.

Then the match of the night: Orton vs. Triple H.

Can you catch my drift now?

Fast forward back to HBK superkicking HHH in the face.

After this Orton covers The Game for the win.

Your winner and new WWE Champion: Randy Orton.

Shawn Michaels stands over Triple H at the closing of the pay-per-view.

So, HBK is completely outraged about not beating The Undertaker's streak and decides to screw over his best friend HHH.

This is somewhat of a reference to the Hardy brothers' rivalry, but I believe this would be the biggest shocker in the history of Wrestlemania.

My reasoning for this is not because I don't like Shawn but can you imagine what a great rivalry this would be?

Sure we've seen it time and time again but, HBK is always the "good guy".

I want to see a ruthless Shawn Michaels once again and who better to do this against than Triple H?

No one, that's who.