The Err Up Here: Prologue

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The Err Up Here: Prologue

I’ll come right out with it. I don’t follow baseball.

I refer to baseball season only as the offseason for sports that matter—hockey, football, and basketball.

I’m also often more inclined to take in a CFL game than to watch the Jays, even when they’re up against the likes of the Yankees and the Red Sox. I haven’t truly cared for baseball since Joe Carter's homerun. 

That all changes this season. 

Thanks to the brilliance of the Toronto Star season pass, I can have access to all 81 Blue Jay home games for $95. I’m planning to attend around 10-15 games this season, although I’m not entirely sure which games would be best to attend.

In the words of Dan and Casey, “I’m Pumped!”

I completely ignored the Jays last year even though Marcum (or was it McGowan) almost pitched a no-hitter, Alex Rios coming into his own and John MacDonald playing absolutely out of his mind on defense at short.

This year, there are a few things to look forward to:

  • The Return of BJ Ryan, which will allow my cohorts and I to chant “B-J, B-J” in the ninth inning of close games. An absolutely great spectacle, especially if you can get the innocent 12-year-old kid sitting around you to join along.
  • Returning to the nose-bleeds. Yep, the Jays season pass is only good for a 500 level seat, but that’s where you can get a section entirely to yourself.
  • All-You-Can-Eat Weekend: It’s exactly as it sounds. Although it will cost me $40 for the seat, I’m in for this.
  • The ability to say, “You know what? I’m gonna go to the game tonight.” This was the ultimate dream during the Jays' glory days. Back in '92-'93. My family had to mail in a form in the preseason, and we wouldn’t even necessarily get the tickets to all the games that we asked for.
  • "O-K (OK) Blue-Jays (Blue Jays) Let's-Play-Ball," and yes, I'm pretty sure I can recite the first verse of this song at gunpoint.

This year, I make my glorious return to Skydome, I mean Rogers Centre…. Oh, hell, I’m calling it The Ted.

I’ll be posting updates here about all the games I attend, just to see if I can stick with it.

Here’s to dropping more on parking than the actual game.

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