The Best Way for Dolph Ziggler to Cash in at WWE WrestleMania

Dean SiemonAnalyst IIDecember 22, 2016

Watching Raw last Monday, I realized that we are heading into WrestleMania season and Dolph Ziggler still has his Money in the Bank briefcase from last summer.

Now the briefcase is for the World Heavyweight Championship, and Alberto Del Rio and Big Show are feuding for the title. A lot can change after the Royal Rumble including whether the main-event winner will go after the WWE Championship or the World Championship.

Where does that leave Ziggler, who is believed by some to be the top heel on the WWE roster?

Just like in the NFL playoffs and college football bowl games, I like to make predictions in the WWE. So here's one months before we hit the Super Bowl of sports entertainment.

I think WrestleMania would be a perfect time for him to cash it in in terms of getting a push to the top of the heel totem pole.

Let's say he decides to cash in the guaranteed contract and gives an advance notice. This move would build up to a match against someone like Alberto Del Rio (if he is champion at the time) or another star such as Sheamus, who might reclaim the title before WrestleMania.

I honestly don't think a match against Big Show would benefit Ziggler, especially since Big Show is also a monster heel.

Outside of those three, I don't really see WWE officials moving someone up to take the championship to set up a five-star match with Ziggler.

Maybe Randy Orton, but I've grown to dislike the babyface Predator and his current gimmick (if you want to call it one).

At this point, he's just a name and nothing more.

If the championship remains with Big Show, I would speculate that Ziggler will keep hold of his contract. Then maybe WWE might have a face win the championship.

Then Ziggler could cash in his title match and walk out of MetLife Stadium with not only the World Championship but possibly the greatest amount of heat a crowd could ever give a WWE Superstar.

Now I could be wrong—I didn't expect Daniel Bryan to cash in his title shot in December 2011 against the Big Show at TLC or the subsequent heel turn that followed.

But I couldn't think of a better way for the man who likes to "show (pause) off" to steal the show on the grandest stage of them all.