Could These NFL Teams Lure Bill Cowher out of Retirement?

Jesse ReedCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2013

Could These NFL Teams Lure Bill Cowher out of Retirement?

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    Bill Cowher wants to return to an NFL sideline at some point in the future, but which teams have the best chance to twist his arm?

    According to Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

    He [Cowher] said yesterday he thinks will coach again in the National Football League, and that is true. But that is not going to be this year, and may not be for another four of five years, according to a source close to the former Steelers coach.

    Obviously, Cowher has a prime gig right now as an analyst with CBS Sports, and it's going to take just the right offer to lure him away from the creature comforts he currently enjoys at his job.

    So which teams have the means to twist Cowher's arm in the next few years? 

Dallas Cowboys

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    This scenario isn't likely, but hear me out. 

    Bill Cowher could be lured to coach the Dallas Cowboys if Jerry Jones finally comes to his senses and realizes his team won't ever win a championship while he's the one calling the shots. 

    If this truth ever becomes reality inside Jones' head, he'll dedicate himself to bringing in the best football men in the business to do what he's been unable to do—one of which would be coach Cowher. 

    Cowher's disciplinary style is just what the Cowboys need to become a dominant team once again. With it, he brings the star power that Jones loves for the sake of good business.

    Verdict: No

Miami Dolphins

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    What if Joe Philbin can't get the Miami Dolphins over the hump in the next few years?

    If ever there was a head coach who could compete with Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, it would be Bill Cowher.

    Besides, the young team the Dolphins have put together doesn't look much different than the Pittsburgh Steelers team Cowher won a Super Bowl with: Strong defense, mobile, strong-armed quarterback, etc.

    The only thing missing is a punishing running game and Cowher would make sure to remedy that in short order.  

    Finally, who wouldn't want to coach in South Florida? 

    Verdict: Likely not. 

Cleveland Browns

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    This seems like a long shot, given the long history of disappointing seasons for the Cleveland Browns, but perhaps there's a sentimental reason for Bill Cowher's return to this franchise. 

    Cowher played in Cleveland for three seasons and spent his first four years as a coach with the Browns as a special teams coach and secondary coach. 

    Perhaps if new owner Jimmy Haslam shows he's serious about winning in the next couple of seasons, we'll see Cowher return to the beginning of his coaching career and change the fortunes of this seemingly cursed franchise. 

    Verdict: Maybe

Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Many Pittsburgh fans have already begun to question Mike Tomlin, and a couple more seasons like the one the Steelers had in 2012 might open the door for a return to the Steel City for Bill Cowher. 

    Truth be told, I wonder if Cowher would really leave the comforts of the studio for any other job than the one that made him so famous. He won two AFC Championships and one Super Bowl with the Steelers, and his teams were always competitive. 

    A triumphant return to Pittsburgh seems like the perfect way for Cowher to make his way back into the NFL as a head coach, and I guarantee fans would support such a move.

    Verdict: Yes


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