WWE RAW: Why Now Is the Perfect Time for Dolph Ziggler to Cash in MITB

Mark PirieCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2013


(Spoiler alert ahead of Friday Night Smackdown)

Since July 2012's Money In The Bank pay-per-view, the World Heavyweight Championship briefcase has been firmly in Dolph Ziggler's hands. To their credit, the WWE has been patient and managed to bide their time before allowing the cash in.

However, now is the best possible time.

On Monday night's edition of Raw, the show started with a brilliant match that saw Dolph Ziggler throw everything he had at John Cena (a total of three finishers from Ziggler and Big E Langston), and he emerged defeated. This would be a good time to draw a line under the feud, as Cena came out with a smile on his face, and Dolph looked like a strong and devious heel.

And as the news circles the dirt sheets of Alberto Del Rio's title victory over Big Show on the Smackdown pre-tape, this sets the gears in motion for the potential cash in.

It seemed unlikely that Ziggler would cash-in on a heel Big Show, but now the title has moved onto newly face ADR, in storytelling terms this is a good time. With Dolph very over as a heel at the moment, his momentum could help the Mexican Aristocrat in his face turn.

The time of ADR's victory also coincides with two landmark shows for the WWE. The 20th anniversary of Raw comes Jan. 14, as well as the 700th episode of Smackdown on Jan. 18. Both of these are landmark occasions for the WWE, so a golden moment like the Show Off's cash in would make either memorable.

However, in simple terms it would be an exciting feud between two superstars that we as fans have never had the chance to see square off. The one issue is now former WH Champion Big Show's rematch clause, although this could lead to a triple threat match between the three at Royal Rumble.

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