The Biggest BroMents in Sports

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJanuary 11, 2013

The Biggest BroMents in Sports

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    While watching the Sugar Bowl last week between Florida and Louisville, we all got a glimpse of what could be.

    No, we're not talking about the future of Cardinals sophomore quarterback Teddy Bridgetower, who dismantled the Gators defense to lead U of L to a huge upset.

    We're referring to the bromance that was developing before our very eyes between ESPN's Tom Rinaldi and Jets QB Tim Tebow.

    It got us thinking about some other major bro moments in sports, and how this latest one stacks up.

Kellen Winslow Is a Soldier!

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    Being a bro doesn't always mean popping your collar and wearing pastel-colored polo shirts. A lot of it can come from your proclamation that you can do anything and are "harder" than you really are.

    We give you Kellen Winslow II, who embarrassed himself with his little rant comparing himself to a soldier.

The Red Sox Like Brew

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    Beer and baseball have been joined at the hip for as long as anyone can remember, so when the 2011 Red Sox were reportedly slamming a few back in the clubhouse, it wasn't that big of a deal.

    Nope, it didn't become a full-fledged frat party until the Sox blew a huge Wild Card lead and missed out on the playoffs.

    Needless to say, they had a killer hangover to recover from in the offseason.

Don't Mess with T.O.'s Quarterback

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    Terrell Owens was one of the most dominating receivers to play the game.

    He just so happened to be a huge jerk too, calling out teammates and coaches while also suggesting one of his former Playmate-marrying QB's was gay.

    So when he publicly teared-up over the criticism of his then Cowboys signal-caller Tony Romo, he proved how much love he can have for a dude.

Randy Pays with Straight Cash

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    When you're a pro athlete, everyone knows (or at least assumes) you make bank.

    But if you're Randy Moss, don't just let them think you have money, go ahead and tell everyone how much you have by saying you'll be paying "straight cash" for $10,000 fines.

    Why chance bouncing a check when you can just throw some Benjamin's at the Commish?

Rene Higuita Is a Kick

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    Saving a soccer ball traveling as fast as 75 miles per hour can be tricky enough even when you're ready for it to come straight at you.

    When you're worried about timing your jump just perfectly to save a shot with your heels, it can make it a little tough.

    This save by the Colombian goalie is something very few keepers would even attempt, let alone in a match in Wembley against England.

Sean Avery Doesn't Like to Finish Second...

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    Humiliating an opposing player during a game? That's been done.

    Calling him out in the media? It's overplayed.

    Talking about how he snatched-up your ex and got your sloppy seconds? More bro than you know.

Stevie Johnson's One Shot

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    Remember when Giants' Super Bowl hero Plaxico Burress shot himself in a nightclub with his own gun?

    Or how the media reported on it like it was the worst thing in the history of sports?

    Bills' receiver Stevie Johnson must have thought it wasn't that big of a deal because after scoring a touchdown, he imitated the act against the Jets—Plax's current team at the time.

    That's bro on bro crime right there.

Bron and D-Wade Catch a Cold

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    D-Wade and Bron Bron are two of the biggest stars on the planet, but they reverted to nothing more than cocky kids when they mocked Dirk Nowitzki's cold during the 2011 Finals.

    We could go on and list a ton of cliche, "LeBron was the one with the cold...touch, when it was the fourth quarter," thanks to his struggles to close out games, but watching Dirk and his Mavs celebrate on the Heat's home floor was probably enough payback for the big Germ.

    You'd think these Heat bros would know better.

The Flyers Turn the NHL into the "Natty Hockey League"

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    This was back in 2008, so though it's a little bit older, it's no doubt still epic.

    With pro athletes always being held under rules and regulations, and told not to act stupidly, what do the Flyers do? They go out and rage with a bunch of coeds at a frat party.

    Missing class the next day was definitely worth it for any of the kids at that party.

Christian Lopez Drops the Ball

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    Derek Jeter is a multi-millionaire who has five World Series rings and a plethora of hot chicks at his disposal.

    Christian Lopez was the lucky fan who caught DJ's home run ball that happened to be his 3,000th career hit.

    Of all the things one might ask Jeter for—money, lifelong Yanks' tickets, a night out with then girlfriend Minka Kelly (partially joking)—Lopez handed the ball over for next to nothing.

    You have to have one huge bromance to do something like that.

Brent Musburger's Very Interested

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    Musburger's one of the most famous voice on sports television, and is ABC and ESPN's go-to guy when a major college event is going on.

    He also proved that he was a little bit of a bro—and a creepy old guy—with his reaction when he saw A.J. McCarron's girlfriend during the national title game.

    ESPN apologized for the reaction, though let's face it, every single person (not just guys) who watched that game did the exact same thing. Musburger just happened to have a mic in his face for millions to hear.

When You Want to Rage, You Want to Rage

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    Winning a championship is a huge deal for any player to accomplish.

    It can leave them speechless, looking for the right people to thank, while trying to keep their mind on the moment at hand.

    For Giants relief pitcher Brian Wilson though, he knows exactly what he wants to do, and every single person watching hopes he get's really weird while doing it.

Gronk Is the Party

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    It's no secret that Gronk loves to party, so when he responded to a ESPN Deportes reporter by simply saying, "Yo soy fiesta," it was clear he had one thing on his mind.

    Hey, the dude's 23 years old, a millionaire and his team just clinched a spot in the Super Bowl, what else would you expect him to say?

Johnny Football

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    Who wouldn't enjoy the year Johnny Manziel has had?

    On top of coming out of nowhere to win the starting gig at A&M at the beginning of the season, he led the new kids on the block in the SEC to an 11-2 overall record, including an upset of national champ Alabama in T-Town, a Cotton Bowl victory and, of course, his own Heisman Trophy.

    Even more impressive than all that are some of the bro moments he's had while partying like crazy.

Not One, Not Two, Not Three...

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    Most bros think they're absolutely untouchable.

    Case race while tailgating? You won't pass out before the game.

    Hottest girl in the bar looking your way? There's no doubt you can land her.

    LeBron must feel the same way, because when he inked his deal with the Heat, he wasn't just going to settle for one ring, he was going after more than a handful—even though he hadn't yet laced-up for his new squad.

Patrick Kane's Life

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    Kane is a former No. 1 overall draft pick and has already won a Stanley Cup in his short career. Why settle for staying in and watching Netflix then?

    If anyone's trying to study up on how to be a total bro, you might want to go ahead and call the Blackhawks and see if you can shadow their right winger.

Aaron Jumps Past the Babe

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    Hank Aaron's then record-breaking round-tripper to pass Babe Ruth as MLB's all-time home run king is one of baseball's finest moments.

    But forget the homer for a second, and focus on the two hippies who ran out on the field to circle third base with Hammering Hank.

    Those are the guys that should be saluted for making an unforgettable moment even more memorable.

    So bro.

Bryce Harper Doesn't Do Clown Questions, Bro!

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    Athletes might say some really dumb things when answering questions, but in their defense, they're trained to give a respectful answer, helping the reporter who asked it do their job.

    Young Harper must not have gotten the memo, as he called-out the reporter who asked him if the 19-year-old would enjoy a brew while his team plays in Canada, where the drinking age isn't 21.

    The term's blown up since, so it's easy to see why being a bro has its positives.

Lakers Bros

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    While a still pic clearly shows these dudes know how to bro out, when you see them in motion, it paints an even better picture on how bro this is.

    These guys show why SoCal should be renamed SoCool.

Any Athlete Sex Tape

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    Want to prove you're the biggest, baddest bro around to all your teammates and twitter followers?

    Go out and get yourself a girl who's open to getting down and dirty between the sheets with a video camera rolling.

    Sure, they'll be consequences and finger-pointing, but it's just about as bro as you can get.