Vince Can't See Me: Week 2 Monday Night Madness

Lucas BerndtCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2009

Welcome to Monday Night Madness. Tonight we have decided to bring some superstars you haven't seen on the show yet. This will highlight some of the new superstars we added to our roster last week.

Lucas Berndt, the owner, comes out again smiling. He states that one more wrestler will join the ranks here on EHW. A.J. Styles walks out and shakes hands with Lucas. Both men then head back stage to get ready for the matches.

First Match Rey Mysterio Vs. A.J. Styles                                

Winner Styles

A.J. Wins after using Rey's own move against him. This pisses Rey off and after the match he starts to beat Styles with a chair. This ends when CM Punk runs to help A.J. They then announce that they will be forming a tag team.

After that match you hear Lance Storm's music starts. Lance then calls Christian and Edge out. He smiles as he announces that they will now form the Un-Americans in honor of the late Andrew "Test" Martin. Edge and Christian love the idea because now they have aren't at a disadvantage to the nWo

The nWo, outraged by this new development, try to get Christian like they decided but they are fought off by the rest o the Un-Americans. The nWo is beaten badly and The Hurricane and Big Show are unconscious. Before Hogan loses consciousness The Un-Americans challenge the nWo to a 6 man tag match at the PPV.

Match 2 Finlay Vs. Undertaker Hardcore

Winner Undertaker

Even though the crowd backs Finlay, Undertaker wins after two Tombstones and a Chokeslam. Hornswoggle though comes out and jumps on Undertaker and starts beating him with a shillelagh. Finally he gets up and body slams Taker.

Final match Kofi Kingston vs. Chris Sabin Cage (Escape only)

Winner Sabin

Sabin wins after beating Kofi and slamming him into the cage a few times. Sabin then jumps on Kingston from the top of the ring bringing the match to a finish after he escapes.

At the end of the night you see the Un-Americans talking about their strategy of how they were going to fight the nWo when Kevin Nash, Randy Savage, and X-Pac all come in and beat them to get revenge for their nWo comrades.

Remember one week from Sunday Dark Resonance rises from the pits of Hell to your TV Screen.