WWE SmackDown Spoiler: WWE.Com Gives Away Big Championship Surprise

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJanuary 8, 2013

photo credit: WWE
photo credit: WWE

WWE sucked a ton of excitement out of the upcoming episode of Friday Night SmackDown when they spoiled the ending of the show's main event via their official website.

The show was taped on Tuesday and featured a Last Man Standing match for a major title. Fans who enjoy not knowing the outcomes of wrestling matches before they air will need to turn off the Internet for a few days and stick their fingers in their ears.

WWE.com prematurely posted a story about SmackDown's main event.

A photo of Alberto Del Rio hugging the World Heavyweight Championship is about as big a giveaway as one could conjure up. Consider the suspense of that match evaporated.

As you may have deduced, Del Rio defeated Big Show for the title.

Sure, sites like PWInsider.com and Bleacher Report announce the results of taped wrestling events before they air, but for WWE.com to do it is almost asking fans not to watch SmackDown.

In October of last year, WWE did the same thing when it spoiled the surprise about Kofi Kingston beating Miz for his Intercontinental title with a photo of Kofi, championship in hand.

As good as Del Rio and Big Show's match might be, it's just not half the fun knowing how it turns out.

WWE devalues its own show by exposing it this way.

In this age of instant information, it's almost impossible to keep anything secret. Perhaps this is WWE's way of dealing with the inevitability of spoilers. Maybe the company feels better controlling how the cat is let out of the bag.

Big Show fans hoping for him to continue his title reign aren't likely to tune in to SmackDown's main event. Fans not particularly behind Del Rio may skip the show, at least the last chunk of it, because they already know the results.

The Sixth Sense is still an enjoyable movie knowing that Bruce Willis' character is a ghost the whole time, but it's not the same rich experience.

WWE has only one path to avoid spoilers, of their own device or otherwise, and that is to air all their programming live.

A live SmackDown where fans watch Del Rio in the tearful moment as it unfolds is infinitely better than everyone knowing the climax beforehand.

Just how does Del Rio topple the giant? That is as of yet, unspoiled. The question is, will that be enough of an incentive to watch SmackDown's championship match come Friday?