Michigan Football Recruiting: Underrated Recruits Who Will Make Immediate Impact

Shawn BrubakerContributor IIJanuary 9, 2013

Wyatt Shallman via 247Sports
Wyatt Shallman via 247Sports

Guys like 5-star quarterback Shane Morris and 4-star offensive linemen Kyle Bosch and Logan Tuley-Tillman are getting plenty of press for Michigan's recruiting class, and rightly so. Meanwhile, there are some guys that don't come as highly regarded, but who will make immediate impacts in 2013.

Some of these guys are top-tier recruits in their own right, but are being overshadowed. Others have simply been afterthoughts. Whatever the reason for their lack of buzz, these players will exceed expectations this season.


Deveon Smith, RB

The target is Derrick Green, the 5-star running back from Richmond, Virginia. Michigan and half the nation wants him, and for good reason. The No. 1 running back in the nation is big, fast and explosive. Assuming Michigan misses out on the talented Green, Deveon Smith is ready to step in and be a featured performer at running back.

The 4-star running back has all the talent to become the next great running back in the Big 10. He possesses the ideal blend of strength, instincts and balance to become a bell-cow back for Michigan.

It's no secret that outside of Denard Robinson, the Wolverines have lacked a top-tier running option. Smith has the potential to be that guy from the outset, especially if Green doesn't sign. Even if Green does end up with Michigan, Smith has the ability to be an excellent change of pace.


Wyatt Shallman, ATH

Wyatt Shallman, a 4-star athlete out of Novi, Michigan, is a freakish athlete. At 6'3", 245 pounds, Shallman has the size to play any position from linebacker to defensive end to tight end. His eventual destination, though, seems to be fullback.

Shallman already has the ideal build to play fullback, but his athleticism could put him in a world of his own. The proud possessor of a 4.7 40-yard dash and a 38" vertical, Shallman seriously has the athleticism and size to play almost any position.

A player with Shallman's athleticism will not go unused for long. With the Wolverines looking to play a more pro-style attack under Shane Morris in the future, Shallman would be a great fit as a blocking back, receiver and general utility player.


Scott Sypniewski, LS

How about some love for the long snapper, the most unheralded player on any football team? They might not get much love, but long snappers can be the difference between a win and loss.

The Wolverines got a good one in Sypniewski, a 2-star prospect out of Ottawa, Illinois. Sypniewski is the No. 4 long snapper in the 2013 class, so the Wolverines can be confident that they'll get a solid four years of excellent snaps. As trivial as it sounds, that's a big facet of the game taken care of.