Bulls' Derrick Rose Still Inactive, but Certainly Entertaining as Peekaboo Meme

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 8, 2013

Photo Credit: Amanda Kaschube Twitter
Photo Credit: Amanda Kaschube Twitter

Derrick Rose may not yet be on the basketball court for the Chicago Bulls, but he is certainly on the Internet making us laugh in a hilarious new meme. 

Chicago Side Sports (h/t BuzzFeed Sports) spotted what was just your average, run-of-the-mill, albeit adorable picture of Derrick Rose tucking his head around a corner. 

The guard who continues to make progress (via ESPNChicago) as he comes back from an ACL injury was photographed by the Chicago Tribune's Amanda Kaschube

It's just Rose playing some peekaboo. At least, that's what Chicago Side Sports thought when they produced this meme with a bounty of photoshopped images. 

Here are just a few. 

One adorable pic becomes even more precious with just the addition of a single Rose. 

And then we have one meme dropping into another one as Rose looks on a forlorn Keanu Reeves. 

Yes, to anything Homeland

This was by far my favorite for two reasons: it's reminiscent of our youth and a functioning meme, because it took me some time to find Rose. 

Damn, I wish I could hug this image. 

You can go ahead and make your own, you crazy kids. By all means, send them to us or Chicago Side Sports because we would love to see them. 

While we can't wait to see Rose on the court, we now have something rather hilarious to bide our time. 

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