WWE: Sheamus Will Have a Bigger Year in 2013

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIJanuary 8, 2013

I am green with envy! Image by WWE Wallpapers 4 U
I am green with envy! Image by WWE Wallpapers 4 U

"This my friends, is a pint!"

A typical Sheamus line when at the local Irish pub probably—with many, many pints to follow the first for sure.

The Celtic Warrior has been one of the most amazing WWE Superstars since his "face" turn a few years back.

He has truly won the hearts of fans worldwide and already has many great accomplishments on his resume.

What's not to like about this man? He is big, tall, strong and unique with his white skin and red hair. He is a two-time former WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, King of the Ring, Rumble winner and US Champ.

There is no telling how far he can still go because he is young and talented. 

Winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Daniel Bryan at last year's WrestleMania was but the tip of the iceberg. The Great White Sheamus had an incredible year defeating all of his opponents with his patented and devastating "Brogue Kick."

2013 should not be anything different.

Sheamus is one of those new guys that will take over once the Hunters and Takers are gone. He was a mean, green fighting machine as a villain but this character he plays appeals to most fans.

John Cena-like comedy can be a little over the top, but Sheamus' is quite different because he is actually funny. It's all in the accent really.

No one says "arse" like Sheamus does and as much as he can be hilarious, no one should mess with this guy when he gets angry. Just ask David Otunga.

There are some who desire him to turn back to his savage ways but when something is this good, you don't touch just yet. It is time for someone else to take up the mantle of "face" of the company soon.

Sheamus is that guy for good reasons.

His merchandise is nice looking and he is easy to follow, meaning his character appeals to more people than John Cena's does. I am not an eight-year-old child. I will never buy any Cena merchandise, ever!

These kids will grow up someday and they needs someone cool and savage to follow.

Comedy can only go so far. In the ring, you cannot joke your way out of a "Tombstone" or a "GTS" and Sheamus would look a shark in the eye and pound the crap out of it as best he could before letting one tooth take a bite out of that flesh.

In imagining where this man can go this year, all one has to do is pick a few good opponents for him.

Randy Orton (heel) and Dolph Ziggler would be a good start. They are great performers, real threats and surely a world title would be involved given the status of those characters.

Then there are those other guys who are on their way: Wade Barrett, Ryback and Antonio Cesaro.

Any of these awesome superstars could have a quality program with the Great White.

I personally still hope one day WWE will pair Sheamus with Drew McIntyre, or at least help the sinister Scotsman get out of that horrible "3MB" gimmick he is stuck in.

2013 can definitely be that year.

The most important time of the year is happening right now. WrestleMania season has already begun.

Who can face Sheamus at the show of shows?

This man is the future, a real star. It is right to assume he is going to have his best year yet.

A World Championship reign in the near future is rather unlikely but never count the red menace out. The elimination chamber match always ends in controversy or surprises, so if WWE thinks highly of Sheamus by then as they do now, perhaps assuming he will defend the gold at Mania is not entirely wrong.

No matter what, this beast is here to stay and will have an intense year coming up.

It is unavoidable, it is his destiny. The luck of the Irish never fails.