Crazy Alabama BCS Victory Features Insane 'Divine Intervention' Gatorade Claims

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 8, 2013

Photo Credit: Busted Coverage
Photo Credit: Busted Coverage

Not that SEC fans, or those specifically loyal to Alabama, needed any added boosts to the ol' ego, but it seems the Crimson Tide championship was meant to be according to a splash of Gatorade. 

This report is not as refreshing as it sounds. 

You have been warned that the Alabama lovefest currently taking place in discussions at every barber shop and grocery aisle across the nation is only going to continue here on the Internet, but in wild and insane manners. 

Busted Coverage happened upon an image that was too good to be true. Here is an image of Nick Saban getting doused with energy drink following Alabama's destruction of Notre Dame. 

It comes from WAFF's Nick Lough who tweeted this marvel.

BCS GATORADE: Did you catch the "A" in the corner of the screen during Saban's gatorade bath?…

— Nick Lough WAFF-48 (@NickLough) January 8, 2013


Yes, yes, that looks very strange, but it is clearly Photshopped. At least, that was the thinking until the website saw this GIF from Deadspin

Well, that seems to be the Alabama 'A' being formed from either chance or divine will. 

Being the cynical fuddy-duddies we are, we like to think there are a great many things you could capture in the moment after a Gatorade shower, sort of like spotting things in clouds. 

However, a game that was over the second it started while featuring a Manti Te'o who forgot how to tackle and fame for AJ McCarron's girlfriend just had to end in a bizarre manner. 

Was this sports drink symbol a sign from above? Sure, why not. That would be the sanest thing to come from this BCS game. 

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