Just when you thought that Notre Dame would take its licks and walk home empty handed, Irish fans took to Twitter. Deadspin writer Timothy Burke did us all a favor and brought this to the world’s attention that may have missed it. 

Notre Dame fans picked up the “blame the refs” banner and a number of fans are saying that the referees handed this game to the Tide. If anything, Manti Te’o handed the win to the Tide with his un-Te’o like missed tackles. 

One golden domer started the comments off light, saying:

Then it seems that the fans were getting really mad. One even referred to Nick Saban as Satan, the ruler of the underworld. Check out Kristen’s comments here:

One fan then gets creative and blames oversigning. Interestingly enough he is a USC fan:

At least he has some validity to his claim. 

All of the "blame the refs, the SEC paid them" talk is absolutely ridiculous. There was nothing that anyone could have done to help Notre Dame on Monday. The Irish were outmatched and outgunned at every position. 

It was simply a rough day for the Irish. When pulling out overtime wins against Pitt and goal line stops against Stanford, nobody was thanking the refs when they seemed to help the Irish along to an undefeated season. Interesting how that works out for the guys in stripes. 

One thing is for sure, the blame game was going to be played, but it was expected to fall at the feet of Brian Kelly or possibly Manti Te’o. Blaming the refs shows that most Irish fans averted their eyes by the second quarter of the game. 

Notre Dame got beat—it really is that simple.