Wesley Sneijder and Hottest Transfer Rumors That Won't Happen This January

Dan Talintyre@@dantalintyreSenior Analyst IIJanuary 8, 2013

Wesley Sneijder and Hottest Transfer Rumors That Won't Happen This January

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    The winter transfer window is in full swing at the moment, with the rumor mill and speculation about possible transfers dominating headlines everywhere.

    A number of players have been linked with prospective moves over January, and whilst some of them have turned out to be solid like Demba Ba and Daniel Sturridge, a growing majority of the transfer rumors we're seeing simply aren't going to happen.

    For one reason or another, several deals just aren't going to take place this winter—from Wesley Sneijder to Cristiano Ronaldo and many more.

    Read on to see the hottest transfer rumors that won't come happen this January.

Frank Lampard to Manchester United

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    Let's get one of the biggest rumors out of the way here—Frank Lampard is never going to play for Manchester United at any point in the remainder of his life.

    The Chelsea legend has been recently linked with a potential move to Old Trafford with a reported interested from Sir Alex Ferguson (per The Telegraph). But even with that interest, there's simply no way that the Blues legend would ever move. Period.

    First off, this is a club legend we're talking about. The man has written his name into the Chelsea history books forever and could very well end his career as their highest goal-scorer ever. For him to just pack up and move across to one of the Blues' biggest rivals in the Premier League makes absolutely no sense and simply isn't going to happen.

    Lampard is too much of a club man and really, too much of a respectable footballer to feel the need to play one last hurrah with the Red Devils.

    More so, United don't need Lampard. They have Tom Cleverley and Michael Carrick in central midfield and do not need the holding presence that Lampard brings anymore than they need another 30-something midfielder, with plenty of those available.

    They wouldn't be willing to meet his asking wages or match the kinds of offers he could get to play anywhere throughout Europe, Asia or even the United States should he make a move. United don't want him, they don't need him and even if they did, Lampard wouldn't even come.

David Villa to Arsenal

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    Arsenal had reportedly been interested in signing Barcelona striker David Villa over the winter transfer window to complement their attack of OIivier Giroud and Theo Walcott (per The Daily Mirror).

    But according to recent reports, Barca remain adamant they are not selling the veteran attacker—not to Arsenal, not to anyone and not in the near future.

    Club president Sandro Rosell recently warned the Gunners and other interested teams that no deal would be possible for Villa because they simply aren't going to sell him—seemingly quashing any prospective move to the Emirates that could have happened.

    Per The Telegraph:

    I completely rule out the transfer of [David] Villa during the winter market. He is ours and we need him—there is a lot of the season left.

    And that would seem to be that.

Mario Balotelli to Milan

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    Another transfer rumor that was starting to gain some good momentum was the talk of a departure from Mario Balotelli back to Italy—especially after his spat with City manager Roberto Mancini.

    Balotelli has been nothing but a disappointment this year in the Premier League and, given his age and international experience, still represents good transfer value despite his hostility—meaning that clubs out there would no doubt be interested in him.

    And they very might still well be, just not to either Milan-based club.

    Inter have already seen the best (and worst) from Super Mario, and do not need to rock the boat anymore with the reintroduction of him back into their side.

    And AC Milan, well they don't want Balotelli either—at least not according to comments that club president Silvio Berlusconi recent made.

    "The name of Balotelli never came into my thoughts," said Berlusconi. "He is a rotten apple and could infect every group where he goes, even Milan."

Marouane Fellaini to Leave Everton

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    BBC Sport report that Everton attacker Marouane Fellaini could be a transfer target for a number of top clubs this transfer window with the revelation that there could be a release clause in his contract.

    The Belgian international has been superb through the Premier League season so far for the Merseyside club, but with a clause invoked, would be forced into making a move to another club.

    However, this isn't going to happen for a couple of reasons, with the main one being the money.

    Fellaini's release clause is thought to be at around £22 million and a transfer fee to trigger that deal thought to be much higher than that amount. That would most likely mean the fee is somewhere in the vicinity of £30-40 million for Fellaini to leave the club.

    And as good as he is, no club is going to pay that money mid-season in the Premier League. There are most likely only two league clubs who could afford to splash that money around easily—Chelsea and Manchester City—and he suits neither of those two clubs.

    Both City and Chelsea have good attacking midfielders and strikers, and plenty of them, and have no need for someone like Fellaini at the club.

    As good as he's been this season.

Radamel Falcao to Leave Atletico Madrid

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    Atletico Madrid striker Radamel Falcao was heavily linked with a move away from the Spanish club over the winter transfer window. Chelsea were always the favorite destination, but there were some other options including Italy that also popped up on the striker's transfer radar.

    Yet the Colombian international isn't going to be leaving the club this winter—not given the current position that they're in at the moment.

    The La Liga club sit second in the league and above rivals Real Madrid, a position they'd love to remain in throughout the season. They are still a big chance in the Europa League and will no doubt want to challenge for as many titles as possible over the remainder of the year—something they cannot do without their goal-scoring machine.

    Chelsea have seemingly given up the chase on Falcao following the purchase of Demba Ba and the recent good form of Fernando Torres, meaning that Italy now becomes his best transfer option, and I simply can't see that happening.

    Not when his current club have so much to lose if he leaves. Expect the rumors to flourish over the summer transfer window once more, but don't expect to see a deal involving Falcao this winter.

Edinson Cavani to Manchester City

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    Napoli striker Edinson Cavani has been linked with pretty much every major Premier League club over the past two transfer windows.

    Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City—they've all been thought to be "close" to signing the striker and yet nothing has ever happened.

    Why? Because nothing is going to happen. Not this winter anyway.

    The £50 million rated striker is thought to be most likely heading to City should he make a deal, but that isn't going to happen this winter transfer window.

    It's too big of a risk for Napoli to let the Uruguayan international leave the club this winter given all that he brings to the table and the goals that he provides. Cavani has netted 18 goals in his past 12 matches and has 23 goals for the season—numbers that cannot be rivaled by few other players.

    City would most likely need to part with either Tevez, Aguero or Balotelli also before they make a deal with Cavani, and seeing neither of those have left the club yet, it seems this deal is dead in the water over the winter transfer window.

    Expect it to pick up once again over January.

Wesley Sneijder to Leave Inter Milan

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    One of the hottest rumors floating around at the moment is regarding a possible departure from Inter Milan by midfielder Wesley Sneijder.

    The 28-year-old has had a significant falling out with Inter Milan over the past few months, and has not featured for the club since September because of it—leading to the obvious conclusion that he would the start looking for potential transfer options.

    It seems obvious that a move will take place, but I'm not completely sold on a deal happening between Inter Milan and somewhere else over the transfer window for a couple of main reasons.

    First off, let's recognize that Sneijder is one of the most rumored players in world football. Every week it seems he is making a move to a different club and yet none of them ever seem to come to fruition, like the long-standing Manchester United link.

    Second off, Galatasaray are now the favorites to land Sneijder following some interest from lowly Premier League club Queens Park Rangers. I mean, seriously, how do either club think they can pay the incredulous wages that Sneijder is having all these problems over?

    The Dutch international has already said he would only move to a few select clubs, and it didn't seem like either was on the shortlist.

    But should all of that fall into place and a deal seemingly be agreed, what's to say that Inter will even sell him? They were seemingly very content to be patient throughout contract negotiations when the story first broke, so what's to suggest that they will automatically sell him to the first bidder?

    All of those factors combined, I'm going to go out there and say that no move happens for Sneijder this January transfer window.

Adrian Lopez to Arsenal

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    Just like Radamel Falcao, there's simply no way that striker Adrian Lopez would be willing to leave Atletico Madrid over the January transfer window.

    The club are simply in too strong of a position for their best attacking weapons to pack up and leave the club, all so that they can finish mid-table in the Premier League.

    For Lopez in particular the transfer rumors seem to be dying down with the recent news that favorites Arsenal are reportedly close to tying a deal with winger turned striker Theo Walcott (per The Daily Mail).

    A new deal for Walcott would mean that Wenger has both the England international and summer transfer Olivier Giroud as options at the top of his attack for the remained of the season. With quality players like Lukas Podolski capable of moving forward if needed, there is seemingly no need anymore for the likes of David Villa or Lopez in the January transfer window.

    Expect more action on this front in the summer transfer window once the Gunners fail to finish in the top four and feel the need to buy another striker.

Joao Moutinho to Tottenham Hotspur

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    According to The Express, Tottenham Hotspur are believed to be resurrecting their interest in Porto midfielder Joao Moutinho for a potential move over the winter transfer window.

    Simple answer? No.

    Even if Moutinho wanted to leave Porto and even if Porto wanted to sell their star playmaker, there's no way he's coming to North London.

    Regardless of what history he might have with Andre Villas-Boas.

    Plain and simple, there's no way that Tottenham will fork out the £30 million or more required to land Moutinho, especially when they already have a more-than-talented playmaker on hand in Moussa Dembele, who is thriving at his new club.

    Spurs have spent around £60 million on player transfers in the past two transfer windows, and whilst they did make around £50 million on the sale of players, there will come a time when they stop spending big money that they don't have.

    Moutinho is that time.

Cristiano Ronaldo to Leave Real Madrid

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    Finally, let's finish with the biggest and perhaps the most outrageous transfer that's floating around this winter—Cristiano Ronaldo to leave Real Madrid for anywhere.

    There is no way that the winger is leaving Madrid any time in the near future, but especially so over a winter transfer window halfway through the year.

    His departure would mean Madrid say goodbye to their Champions League and La Liga dreams, and probably to beating Barcelona as well. Sure, they could buy Gareth Bale for £100 million, but it simply isn't going to be the same as having the Portuguese international.

    Madrid have invested too much into the superstar to watch him leave the club, and it would take a more-than-extraordinary bid from PSG or the like to entice the Spanish giants into selling him.

    Ronaldo means everything to Madrid and holds their chances in his hands (or on his feet) at the moment—meaning a transfer isn't going to happen. A player like the 27-year-old comes along once in a lifetime, and it would be a huge step backwards for the club if they were to ever let him leave.

    Even for £100 million or so.


    What transfers do you think won't happen this winter transfer window?

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