Dallas Stars Return from Lockout with Huge Twitter Hit on Cowboys' Tony Romo

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Dallas Stars Return from Lockout with Huge Twitter Hit on Cowboys' Tony Romo
Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Dallas Stars managed to get off a massive blast on Tony Romo via a hilarious tweet that really began as a Dallas Cowboys trolling session. 

Ah, you have to love social media, because even inanimate things like the Stars and Cowboys Twitter accounts can become crazy characters. 

A retweet from the Dallas Stars follows below. You will notice that it also includes an initial Cowboys tweet that was merely meant to troll.

As multiple reports issued, the NHL is coming back for what is likely to be a 48-game season. It really should be a time of goodwill, at least among teams sharing the same city. 

Instead, someone with access to the Cowboys Twitter account decided to crack wise with the NHL. Granted, there aren't as many hockey fans around as there were before yet another lockout, but really, Cowboys?

As for the retort, it was perfect. From the picture of Mike Modano to the veiled reference to Tony Romo using only his number, it was sweet comedic perfection. 

Rest easy, Stars fans. Peace broke out soon after.


At least that didn't take as long as the new CBA. Somewhere, Tony Romo is resting, wondering what he did to be dragged into this mess. 

Hit me up on Twitter for more shenanigans. 

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