Olympics 2020: Breaking Down Host City Finalists for 2020 Summer Games

Patrick ClarkeCorrespondent IJanuary 8, 2013

Credit: HotelofWorld.com
Credit: HotelofWorld.com

Three of the world's most high-profile cities will do everything in their power over the next nine months to secure the 2020 Summer Olympics.

According to the UK's BBC, Istanbul, Tokyo and Madrid are the three finalists and have all submitted bids to host the 2020 Summer Games:

IOC members will make a decision on who will host the games by secret ballot in Buenos Aires in September...The 15-member executive board, headed by IOC president Jacques Rogge, chose the three finalists after examining a technical evaluation report compiled by a panel of Olympic experts in May 2012.

With the list narrowed down to three finalists, let's take a closer look at what each city has to offer.



With an average high temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the months of July and August, Istanbul promises to provide an excellent background for the 2020 Summer Olympics. 

According to BBC reporter Alex Capstick, one of the city's biggest assets is that it "spans Europe and Asia," connecting two continents while boasting a "relatively strong economy."

Turkey's largest city, Istanbul boasts a population close to 13.5 million.

Istanbul also features plenty of excellent facilities for the events. It hosted the 2005 UEFA Champions League final as well as the 2010 FIBA World Championship. Not to mention, like the other two cities, Istanbul would have years to prepare and tune up its existing stadiums and arenas.

The city, which has never hosted the Summer Olympics, has come up short in four straight bids for the Summer Games, missing out in 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012.



The last time Tokyo hosted the Summer Games was two decades after World War II, in 1964.

Nearly half a century later, Japan's capital city will once again bid for the Summer Olympics, hoping to make a strong case as the world's largest city, sporting a population of over 13 million in the metropolis alone. But, according to Capstick, the city's "lack of public support" could hurt its chances of landing the Games, just as it did in its last bid.

As for the climate and conditions, Tokyo experiences average high temperatures of 80-83 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months, and humidity as well. Nothing out of the ordinary. 

Tokyo is bidding for a second straight time but will certainly have better odds this time around considering it's had more time to gain public support for the cause. 



The capital of Spain, Madrid is the country's largest city in terms of population, boasting over three million people. 

The city has already bid for the Summer Games three other times, but has yet to host the Olympics, coming up short in 1972, 2012 and 2016.

Located in the center of Spain, Madrid experiences its warmest temperatures during July and August, when the average high is around 87-88 degrees Fahrenheit. The city's Mediterranean climates makes for notoriously dry summers, however, meaning ideal weather for the Summer Games. 

According to Capstick, Madrid would be a "low risk" host city, but its "struggling economy" raises some concerns. 

The last Spanish city to host the Summer Olympics was Barcelona in 1992. 


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