Alabama Victory Seals Dynasty Label, and Tide Just Might Add to It Next Season

Adam KramerNational College Football Lead WriterJanuary 8, 2013

In an era where domination shouldn’t come easy and playing in a conference head and shoulders above all others, Alabama has put together an overpowering dynasty, and there’s no end on the horizon. 

Nick Saban’s group didn’t just win their third national championship, they capped off another crystal football quest with an exclamation point. In fact, one piece of punctuation doesn’t quite describe what they did to Notre Dame playing in front of a Miami crowd that was seemingly Notre Dame dominant. 

At least for the first few minutes.

The 2013 BCS National Championship was a beatdown out of the gate, and the game felt over only shortly after it began. Notre Dame was outmatched in every facet, from the much-discussed “battle in the trenches” to quarterback play, to defense (and this one can’t be stressed enough), to play-calling. 

Alabama looked like it was playing a different game, moving at a different speed. This phrase is used entirely too often, but it applies here. Oh, does it apply.

Notre Dame looked for answers and came up empty. Although rarely does the scoreboard tell the whole story, here it tells it just fine. Alabama’s 42-14 win over Notre Dame was everything it seemed. 

And so Nick Saban heads home to Tuscaloosa with his third crystal football in four years. Well, four if you count the one a parent accidentally destroyed less than a year ago. 

The term “dynasty” will be tossed around plenty in the coming days, and for good reason. Until Nick Saban decides to leave the game or coach elsewhere, there’s likely no stopping this team. This is only the third football team to ever win three national championships in a four-year stretch.

It’s a dynasty, but also a dynasty in the making. They are the now; they are the future until further notice. 

In the past four seasons, Alabama has racked up a record of 49-5. Perhaps more impressive about this run is that three of those loses came in the 2010 season alone. They’ve handled the regular season, but more impressively, they’ve gotten to college football’s ultimate showcase and made a statement.

In the three national championships they’ve participated in since 2009, they outscored their opponents—Texas, LSU and Notre Dame—by the score of 100-35. In the past two years, they outscored the unfortunate foe on the other end by the score of 63-14. Wins are one thing, but what they’re doing when it matters most elevates these accomplishments to another level. 

They’ve maneuvered through the toughest conference in the country, restocked talent through incredible recruiting and made it all work brilliantly in a four-year stretch.

First-round draft picks and Heisman winners have come and gone, but Alabama has stayed the course. They’ve made it look far too easy, developing stars each season and winning meaningful games in mass. As good as the finished product is right now, it appears they’re nowhere close to being done.

Nick Saban is not going to the NFL. Sorry to disappoint you, SEC fans. And, well, anyone else looking to come up for air.

He’ll be back next season with his quarterback, AJ McCarron, who will enter the season with as many national championships as losses as a starting quarterback. He redshirted on the team when they won another. Think about that for a second and tell me why Alabama shouldn’t be the favorite heading into the 2013 regular campaign.

Dazzling freshmen wideout Amari Cooper and running back T. J. Yeldon will be back for two more seasons, and they will only get better. Again, scary.

Linebacker C.J. Mosley has already announced that he will be coming back, and a defense that lost a great deal a year prior is a little younger and more experienced now.

The offensive line will likely not be as dominant entering the season, but there’s a remedy for that. Alabama is once again putting together a fabulous recruiting class, and their roster is loaded with talented players we don’t know about yet. Shocking, I know.

The cycle of replenishing the roster will continue, as will the dominance.

Despite the stiff competition in the SEC, Alabama will remain the toughest test and the team you have to knock out if you want to win a national championship.

This is a dynasty right now, but it feels as if it’s something even larger in the making.