John Cena's WWE Career Will Never Fully End

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIJanuary 7, 2013

Cena has earned his accolades. Image by Deviant Art
Cena has earned his accolades. Image by Deviant Art

Monday night Raw is already underway, and John Cena just scored the pinfall over up-and-coming superstar Dolph Ziggler.

Can the "face" of WWE ever lose a match clean, some ask? When the time is right, yes.

Here is a reality check: John Cena is still the top guy in this company, and unless the worst happens (let's hope not) he will remain in the universe for years to come.

Just like all the legends who have come and gone over the years, his influence will live on, and the future generation of performers will most likely pick up so much-needed pointers from the leader of Cenation.

He has accomplished almost everything there is to do here at WWE.

The man holds the record for most WWE Championships captured and is also a MITB and Royal Rumble winner.

With all the charities and wishes he's granted, letting him go would be folly.

A few things remain, however. His character's attitude will have to change eventually, because frankly, any more of that childish behavior will send the average fan over the edge.

More and more, the boos of the crowd are being heard, and someday, the ruler of all wrestling will just tell everyone to shut the hell up. He may even turn on the universe a la Hulk Hogan, causing a shock wave across the entire world.

This cataclysmic event would unleash a side of Cena no one has ever seen, and he would be an unstoppable force.

One being could oppose him. The one challenge he really has left to face in his illustrious career: Taking on The Undertaker and the legendary streak at WrestleMania—WrestleMania 30 or XXX to be exact. It would be the perfect place and time for one of the greatest, most spectacular moments in professional wrestling history.

Most true fans know this is going to happen sometime down the road, and with both of these legends being the top draw of the company, it is natural to assume it will all unfold at the 30th anniversary of the show of shows.

A villainous John Cena would be much preferred for this epic event than the cheerful, cereal-eating clown that comes out of the curtain every week.

There will be a tombstone piledriver involved, but John Cena will never die.

He has years of career left in him, seeing how he is only 35.

Other projects are sure to line up, and who knows, maybe Hollywood could come calling. He could also remarry and have children.

No matter what, whether he leaves for a few years or not, WWE will always have a place for him. Not seeing John Cena is as unimaginable as human beings living on Mars. Not going to happen folks!

Personally, I am not a fan at all. I actually despise the character and hope he gets pinned clean soon. The person however, should be commended for all his efforts and hard work.

Like with Hulk Hogan before him, many fans could turn to love this unforgettable character once he tastes the darkness a little bit. 

What can be said about all this? A little evil can make things right again.

Someday, a 45-plus-years-old John Cena may become General Manager and will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

His return to Raw will be as huge as The Rock's, and he will be in an all-important match with millions of cheering fans worldwide.

His career will never, and I stress, eeeever, end. That is the thing with real legends. Like them or not, they accomplish their tasks so well you just can't stop saying their names.

John Cena? He is a legend.