TUS Strikeforce Edition: Daniel Cormier, Tim Kennedy & Nate Marquardt Exclusives

The Ultimate ShowWeekly UFC ShowJanuary 7, 2013

This week's Ultimate Show starts off exciting with a new installment to Move of the Week. Ever wonder how those UFC fighters are able to quickly set up a triangle-choke on their opponents? Well, The Ultimate Fighter Season 7 winner Amir Sadollah is here to show us how he prefers to lock it up and why he has had so much success with it in the past.

With StrikeForce close to disarray, it’s only a matter of time before heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier makes his way to the UFC. The champ took time to sit down with TUS and give us his thoughts on everything from his next opponent on January 12th, to fighting Frank Mir in the future.

Of course Tim Kennedy is back with more MMA talk and insight on his training, his flash temper and how he has managed to avoid injury in his career. Hear what all these guys have to say in these interviews on this week’s episode of The Ultimate Show.

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