Magic Johnson Goes on Twitter Tirade and Suggests How to Fix LA Lakers

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Magic Johnson Goes on Twitter Tirade and Suggests How to Fix LA Lakers
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Magic Johnson has become very opinionated over the course of the past few seasons regarding the path of the Los Angeles Lakers, and his reaction to their current slump has been no different, causing him to go off on a Twitter tirade.

As a very public figure, a member of the media (for whatever reason) and a legend in Lakerland, it's quite obvious that what he says is going to be noteworthy.

He's gone off regarding everything from Mike D'Antoni's defense (or lack thereof), Dwight Howard's conundrum on either end of the floor and Pau Gasol's relative "softness."

It's all really very interesting if you take it at face value, but there's a lot of misunderstanding between Magic and what is actually going on with the Lakers.

Let's just go through a quick rundown of his tweets over the past few hours and really examine what he's got to say.

Alright, we're off on the right foot here. There's only so much a coach can do with a group of players who have had so little time to play together.

At a certain point, the players have to be held accountable. I can't wholly absolve D'Antoni of his poor coaching, but there needs to be some bootstrap-pulling on the part of the players.

Now we're getting into actual suggestions.

I'm not quite sure what telling Dwight Howard to "dominate on offense" does, but sure, that's fine. Although, it seems obvious his lack of domination has a lot to do with his recovery from back surgery.

Plus, I would say he needs to get back to dominating on defense before he tries to dominate on offense.

As for Gasol, he still seems hampered by the knee tendinitis that took him out for a couple of weeks in December. Besides, playing so little pick-and-roll and taking so many jumpers isn't really going to help him score 18 points a night.


I'm still of the belief that rather than leading this team, Kobe needs to do more to fall in line with the offense. His constant ball isolation has made Los Angeles' offense stagnant at times, and on account of the Lakers' terrible defense, that's just not something they can afford.

As far as him having an MVP-caliber season, I can't agree there. Without Kobe, this is a lottery-bound team, and with him, well, they're a lottery-bound team.

Steve Nash, meanwhile, is doing just fine for how little time he's had to blend with the team. 8.8 assists per game in just nine games is actually pretty impressive.

Metta's defense has been fine this season. He's played in the league since the late '90s; the odds of him still being a premier defender in the league are slim.

In terms of Meeks, sure, he's taking terrible shots, but I think it's more a critique of the makeup of the Lakers, considering the exorbitant amount of playing time he's been getting of late.


All true here. Defense, defense, defense and then, I suppose, a little bit more defense.

This is why I love Lakers fans (and Johnson is definitely one). Some people may view his tweets as entitlement or arrogance, but I'm just a fan of the thought process behind it all.

Just go out there and play better because you're the Lakers. The Lakers have always been good, so you guys should be good, too!


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