Minnesota Reporter Crushed on Live TV Ahead of Vikings Wild Card Beatdown

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 7, 2013

Before the Minnesota Vikings lost their wild-card matchup to rival Green Bay Packers, one of their reporters was getting crushed in what was supposed to be a light-hearted report. 

Rest easy, because Lee Valsvik is doing just fine. 

A tip of the hat to BuzzFeed for spotting this moment when one bro became far too enthusiastic with his football duties. 

A NY Daily News report gives us a little more information on what seemed to be your average pre-game report from a sports bar, until the reporter was slammed to the ground. 

Valsvik was live for KARE-TV at the rooftop of Union Restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. Apparently, it was someone's bright idea to have one of the cameramen pretend to run through Valsvik. 

A bad idea gets horrible results as she is destroyed but can thankfully be heard to say she is alright as she is lying stunned on the floor. 

Yes, this might be the worst-case scenario for the report, but I have to wonder what a smooth skit was supposed to look like. 

Here is an exchange NY Daily News noticed on Twitter: 

Valsvik shook off the hit, though, saying later in the broadcast: "I'm OK, but Craig our camera guy here at the Union Restaurant, he thinks he's [Adrian Peterson]. And who's stopping him?"

Craig Norkus, the cameraman, tweeted: "Our practice run worked great, but our on air segment not so well."

So they had a practice run and ol' Craig still managed to run through his reporter like she was some linebacker in way of his glory?

I wonder what part of "then I will lay into you with my shoulder" did they think was a genius idea. 

I am almost sad that the Vikings are out of the playoffs, because I can certainly deal with more reports like this. 

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