Minnesota Reporter Gets Trucked While Promoting Vikings-Packers

John RozumCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2013

Being a field reporter is risky business.

The dedicated individuals who go out and look for news stories occasionally put themselves in comical situations.

Here, reporter Lee Valsvik of KARE-TV in Minneapolis gets bulldozed like she suits up in pro football. Unfortunately, the only difference is that she never saw it coming.

A blindside knock, if you will, and so much for the story.

At some point, the cameraman has to step in and give a warning sign. Maybe from this point on, each will be on the lookout when hitting the field.

Even worse, the Minnesota Vikings flopped in the Wild Card Round at the Green Bay Packers. The Twin Cities just got a double-whammy, and it looked painful.

These types of incidents do happen on occasion, though, like we saw with NFL.com's Ian Rapoport, who took a ball to the face before the Packers-Texans game in Week 6.

So for anyone looking for news stories in the field, be wary of people in football jerseys and of footballs in general.


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