Will Work for Food

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Will Work for Food

I just caught the new Snickers commercial.

You know, the one that features Patrick Ewing authoring an in-your-face slam dunk on some schlep who was too busy munching on a Snickers bar to realize that Ewing was on his way up.

Oh, did I mention that Ewing, who was dressed up in full basketball attire (tank, shorts, etc.) looked like he had just inhaled a dozen candy bars a day since he retired?

Why is it that most professional athletes put on the pounds after they retire?

I know that I've probably put on a good 15-20 since I graduated college, but that was 12 years ago, and I was never a professional athlete.

So, as a tribute to those who trained so hard to never look like us and yet ended up looking like us anyway, I present to you five ex-athletes who, for better or for worse, have retired from professional sports and have taken up eating as a hobby.

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