Kane Should Have a Monstrous Year in 2013

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistJanuary 10, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

If there is one wrestler who seems to always get overlooked, it has to be the Big Red Monster, Kane.

Kane is one of the top wrestlers in the WWE, not just for his wrestling ability, but for the fact that he can fill any role needed in the company.

And while he is great in Team Hell No with Daniel Bryan, Kane should have a monstrous year in 2013.  Last year alone he was a big part of the WWE, but it feels like he really went nowhere.

Need a monster heel to terrorize John Cena?  No Problem.

Looking for someone to feud with Randy Orton at Wrestlemania?  Kane is the wrestler you need.

Need a tag team partner for Daniel Bryan who can not only wrestle, but can help provide comic relief? Kane has you covered.

But apart from his partnership in Team Hell No, who currently holds the tag team titles, his feuds with other wrestlers didn't go anywhere. 

Kane is a top wrestler in the company, and he should have a monstrous year in 2013.


Mr. Reliable

Kane has been with the WWE since 1995, and throughout his career he has been one wrestler who has basically done everything.  He was a big part of the attitude era, and remains a huge part of the WWE today.

Kane should have a monstrous year in 2013 because of his reliability.  He can be used in any type of situation, and always seems like the wrestler the WWE turns to when it needs to fit someone in on a pay-per-view card, or when it needs to bring up more talent.

Take his tag team with Daniel Bryan, for example. 

After it was clear that Bryan would no longer be a part of the WWE championship or Heavyweight championship scenes, Bryan's future was uncertain.

He ended up, however, being partnered with Kane, and the two have been a big spark to the tag team division.

Team Hell No can't last forever, and when it does split up, Kane should be placed in one of the championship scenes.  He is extremely reliable when it comes to making other wrestlers look good, and he himself is one of the top wrestlers in the company.

He can fit the face or heel role as we saw from last year, and is one of the longest active wrestlers in the WWE.

It doesn't get much more reliable than The Big Red Machine.


Improving From Last Year

The biggest impact Kane had last year was, and currently is, in his tag team with Daniel Bryan.

Outside Team Hell No, though, Kane was never used to his full potential in 2012.

His first feud of the year, which started at the very end of 2011 and ended at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view last year, was focused around John Cena and Zack Ryder.

Kane would try to get Cena to "embrace the hate," but of course nothing can stop John Cena.  The real victim of their feud ended up being Zack Ryder, who not only lost his U.S. title, but also lost any momentum he had in the WWE.

Then there was his feud with Randy Orton, which was just a way to make sure Orton had a match at Wrestlemania.  They put on decent matches, but the feud itself was lackluster.

Eventually Kane would end up in a feud with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk which involved not only the WWE title, but AJ Lee as well.

And while this feud was good, and led to solid matches among the three, Kane was thrown into the mix because the WWE clearly felt that Bryan and Punk couldn't handle a main event feud on their own.

SummerSlam is where Kane would finally find some solid ground in the WWE, when he would begin to feud with Daniel Bryan. Their rivalry eventually led to them forming Team Hell No.

In 2013, Kane should have a better start to the year than he did in 2012.  With a purpose now in the tag team division, and a solid feud building up between Team Hell No and Rhodes Scholars, Kane has an extremely important role in the WWE.

When Team Hell No ends, though, the WWE needs to keep Kane in the spotlight, and not throw him into pointless feuds like it did last year. 


The Legend

Kane is a living legend in the WWE.  Since his official debut during the first Hell in a Cell match, to his current part in revitalizing the tag team division, he has been essential to the growth of the WWE.

He is a great wrestler, who can fill multiple parts.  Kane should have a monstrous year in 2013, regardless of whether the WWE wants to make him a scary monster, or a friendly Big Red Machine.

He is the WWE's resident monster wrestler, and 2013 should signify just how important Kane is to the WWE.


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