Ranking Golden State Warriors' Most Entertaining Twitter Accounts

Benjamin Cruz@cruzkontrolFeatured ColumnistJanuary 7, 2013

Ranking Golden State Warriors' Most Entertaining Twitter Accounts

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    With the advent of Twitter, fans have gotten to know their favorite athletes better than ever before. It's gotten to the point where a player's tweets are sometimes more entertaining than a postgame quote or press conference.

    The Golden State Warriors have definitely been one of the teams who have wholeheartedly embraced the social media site. According to Warriors.com, the entire roster except three players (Klay Thompson, Andris Biedrins and Richard Jefferson) have Twitter accounts, and based on my experience following them, they are all fairly active.

    With that, let's take a look at the most entertaining Twitter accounts on the 22-11 Warriors team.

4. Brandon Rush

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    If you like tweets that flirt with the 140-character limit on Twitter, Brandon Rush's account may not be for you.

    He touches on everything from music to movies to commentary on the Warriors' games (Rush is out for the year with a torn ACL).

    His tweets can range from the obvious:

    Alot of NFL coaches got released today

    — Brandon Rush (@KCsFinest4) December 31, 2012

    To questions to his fans:

    Is Django worth the 3 hours?

    — Brandon Rush (@KCsFinest4) December 30, 2012

    To the downright philosophical:

    Just want to hear pop dat one time

    — Brandon Rush (@KCsFinest4) December 15, 2012

    Whatever the case, Rush's account usually has something for everyone, making him a must-follow.

3. Mark Jackson

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    There aren't a lot of coaches on Twitter, which makes Mark Jackson's account stand out that much more.

    One would assume that he has an account to monitor those of his players, but in fact he actually uses it just like they do.

    He tweets about good practices and games. He praises his players. He uses hashtags.

    He also lets the fans in on things that happen when the cameras aren't on, like this embarrassing moment:

    I’m glad that no pictures were taken today at practice when I Fell while playing defense against @StephenCurry30. My guys were Laughing!!!

    — Mark Jackson (@JacksonMark13) January 5, 2013

    If that wasn't enough, he's also really good friends with rapper Silkk the Shocker and sends him the occasional tweet. If that doesn't get you following coach Jackson, then nothing will.

2. David Lee

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    For the first time in his career, David Lee is thriving as a key player on a good team and as a result, his name is being floated out there as a possible All-Star.

    As one of the leaders and more well-spoken players on the team, Lee's Twitter account mostly consists of words of encouragement and retweets of his teammates.

    But Lee will also take the time out to respond to some of his criticisms:

    Gotta get better , I agree! “@warriorsworld: LOL RT @ishwr: @Dlee042 Why do you miss so many rotations on defense?”

    — David Lee (@Dlee042) December 3, 2012

    On top of all that, Lee is a big advocate of staying healthy:

    If you have never gotten the flu, I don't suggest it... WORST FEELING EVER!!!

    — David Lee (@Dlee042) November 6, 2012

    Hard not to like someone who's pushing you to get a flu shot.

1. Stephen Curry

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    If David Lee is the voice of the Warriors, then Stephen Curry is most definitely the face of the team. He is easily the most recognizable and popular Warrior (as proven by his team-leading 400K-plus followers), which makes him the biggest must-follow on the team.

    He doesn't say anything controversial but he does tweet about other sports and interesting everyday things that happen to him, like this:

    Just dropped all my keys down the elevator shaft smh

    — Stephen Curry (@StephenCurry30) January 13, 2013

    But, the one thing he does very well on Twitter is interact with his fans and hand out prizes to his followers. We all know the way into people's hearts is with free stuff.

    In late December, he put together two contests for his fans in the span of three days: 

    Looking for jfdthechamp34 who won my NFL Pick Em League this week. One more week left to win a prize from Vizio http://ow.ly/gowXV

    — Stephen Curry (@StephenCurry30) December 27, 2012


    Here's this month's #SC30 contest http://ow.ly/gr1w3 Up for grabs: Tix to a @Warriors game, plus a meet and greet

    — Stephen Curry (@StephenCurry30) December 30, 2012

    He also finds time to interact with his fans during big sporting events like he did for the San Francisco 49ers-New England Patriots game a few weeks ago:

    Come chat w/us during this dominating #49ers performance http://sportstre.am/stephencurry

    — Stephen Curry (@StephenCurry30) December 16, 2012

    With his ankle troubles seemingly behind him, Curry is a blossoming star in the NBA. He may not have the star power of a LeBron James or Kobe Bryant, but is nonetheless the face of the franchise and should see a steady increase in followers if Golden State can once again become a legitimate playoff team.