Report Card Grades for Every Starting QB in the NFL's Wild Card Round

Eli Nachmany@EliNachmanyCorrespondent IIIJanuary 7, 2013

Report Card Grades for Every Starting QB in the NFL's Wild Card Round

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    Though there were no great games and certainly no nail-biters in the NFL's first weekend of the playoffs, the Wild Card Round was a decent start to the league's postseason.

    The quarterback play was somewhat mediocre (with an exception or two at each end of the spectrum), but it needs to be evaluated nonetheless.

    That said, while some quarterbacks won the game for their team, others skated by with average performances and still managed to win.

Matt Schaub

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    Grade: C+

    Matt Schaub had a good game in terms of statistics, completing 29 of his 38 passes and efficiently moving the ball, but his failure to throw a touchdown was certainly a stain on the Texans' solid victory.

    Houston will need Schaub more and more as the playoffs roll on, so a lackluster performance against Cincinnati can't be encouraging.

    The Texans may have won, but Schaub underperformed and didn't get Andre Johnson (four catches, 62 yards) involved enough.

Andy Dalton

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    Grade: C-

    It's tough to say whether or not the Bengals can actually go far with Andy Dalton, considering the quarterback hasn't been able to put up any fight in either of his two playoff appearances.

    Early on in his career, Dalton is having Matt Ryan syndrome, putting up solid regular-season totals and losing it in the playoffs.

    Not getting A.J. Green the ball until the second half is really troubling, and Bengals fans are right to second-guess the signal-caller.

Aaron Rodgers

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    Grade: B

    It wasn't a bad game, but it certainly wasn't the normal game for Aaron Rodgers, who failed to pass for more than 300 yards or throw more than just one touchdown.

    Rodgers moved the ball all game, but he relied heavily on his supporting cast when he needed to put the ball in the end zone.

    The fact that the Vikings were demoralized after losing their starting quarterback in a road game certainly helped Rodgers in what could be argued was an off night.

Joe Webb

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    Grade: D

    Forget the work that Joe Webb did in the read-option game against the Packers; he's not a capable quarterback at the professional level.

    Webb failed to establish any legitimate passing threat, completing just over a third of his attempts and proving that he has no business playing quarterback in the NFL.

    He did throw a touchdown, so it wasn't a completely lost effort, but this was pretty bad.

Andrew Luck

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    Grade: B-

    Andrew Luck was plagued by drops all game long, which is why his completion percentage wasn't great, but he still couldn't get the ball into the end zone.

    The Colts didn't look strong on either side of the ball, and Luck truly looked like a rookie when he wasn't able to respond to the constant heat that Baltimore was bringing.

    This young quarterback certainly has the talent to return to the playoffs, but he'll need to do a better job in the future at reacting to the rush.

Joe Flacco

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    Grade: A-

    We're talking about Joe Flacco here, so the expectation wasn't very high to begin with. But the quarterback led his team to a huge victory.

    The Ravens may not have the pieces to make a long run, but they certainly looked great on Sunday when their Flacco-led offense dismantled Indianapolis.

    Look for Baltimore to lean on Ray Rice as the playoffs go on. A solid performance by Flacco nonetheless.

Robert Griffin III

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    Grade: INC

    I decided not to give Robert Griffin III a grade because it really wouldn't be fair to judge his hobbled performance that should be considered heroic.

    Griffin III clearly shouldn't have played in the game, but he still got out on the field and made his best attempt at leading his team to victory.

    If I had to disregard his injury and grade his performance, he'd probably be in the "C" range.

Russell Wilson

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    Grade: B+

    Russell Wilson went into Washington and got the only road victory of the entire first round of the playoffs, doing it as a rookie signal-caller.

    While he did nothing "extraordinary," Wilson played well and proved his worth time and time again to the team.

    The Seahawks could surprise some down the line.

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