Ranking the Phoenix Suns' Most Entertaining Player Twitter Accounts

Danny Dukker@DannyDukkerCorrespondent IIJanuary 7, 2013

Ranking the Phoenix Suns' Most Entertaining Player Twitter Accounts

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    It hasn't been all that entertaining watching the Phoenix Suns on the court this year. They now sit at 12-23, and when I turn on one of their games, I am already pretty sure of the outcome.

    Unfortunately, the Suns aren't the most entertaining team off the court either. Twitter is where most NBA stars stay in touch with their fans and give the fans a taste of their personalities.

    In Phoenix, not every player has a Twitter, while others rarely update it. However, there are some that are pretty fun.

4. P.J. Tucker

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    P.J. Tucker's Twitter has very little of the boring game recap and is a lot more personal. If you have any question to ask him, he'll probably respond, something a lot of fans should appreciate.

    There is no controversy on his page, but with all the constant rumors going around, that's probably a good thing.

3. Channing Frye

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    While Channing Frye recovers from his enlarged heart, he has been on Twitter pretty often, and he is a pretty fun guy.

    A lot of replies and some pretty funny posts that make him worth following.

2. Jared Dudley

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    Jared Dudley's Twitter is full of both basketball talk and some off-the-court stuff as well. He answers a lot of fan questions, no matter what they are about.

    He also gives some pretty cool info about the league in general (toughest players to guard, best defensive players, etc.)

    Good Twitter to follow for Suns fans.

1. Kendall Marshall

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    The username really tells you everything you need to know. Kendall Marshall is a very entertaining guy to follow and his tweets are all over the place.

    Food, basketball, random thoughts, everything really. Check him out, you won't be disappointed.

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