8 Current Drivers with the Best Personalities in NASCAR

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8 Current Drivers with the Best Personalities in NASCAR
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Judging personalities is all about perception, which can be highly subjective. NASCAR drivers exhibit a persona to the fans that may or may not be a true reflection of the type of person they are.

Drivers must appease their corporate sponsors, so often they appear rehearsed with their interviews and public appearances. Those who stray from the regimented responses sometimes risk alienating someone who doles out cash.

The fact is that drivers in the top national series of NASCAR are just regular people with high-profile dangerous jobs that can elevate them to celebrity status if they perform well.

Part of a driver's duties include being cordial to the media and fans, which comes very naturally to some, while others would prefer skipping that part of their job. They must court sponsors at all costs because they make the racing possible.

There are drivers who are very down to earth regardless of the level of success they have had with NASCAR. What you see at the track or on television is pretty much true to their real personalities.

The criteria for "best" personality does not mean most popular or most wins, but rather a driver that remains fan-friendly, is normally upbeat and is deserving of respect from fans and peers.

This slideshow will take a look at eight drivers that may perhaps have the best personalities so far as not only their general appeal to fans, but the way they actually interact with others on a day-to-day basis.

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