Cowboys 2013 Mock Draft: The Smartest Pick Dallas Can Make at Every Spot

Alex Hall@@AlexKHallCorrespondent IIIJanuary 7, 2013

Cowboys 2013 Mock Draft: The Smartest Pick Dallas Can Make at Every Spot

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    It's no secret that the Cowboys season is over and that means it's never too early to look towards the NFL draft. With only six picks to their name as of now, owner Jerry Jones and company need to pick choose their rookies wisely.

    Here is the best case scenario for Jones' gang for every round the 'Boys have a pick in for the 2013 NFL Draft.

Round 1: OG Chance Warmack, Alabama

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    There isn't another guard in this draft as talented as Alabama's Chance Warmack, plain and simple. Pairing that fact with the Cowboys' documented offensive line issues the past two seasons and this is the perfect pick for Big D.

    Dallas has always been a team that loves to put big beefy 300-plus pound linemen up front and Warmack fits that build. While he is just 20 pounds north of the 300 mark, he could easily bet bigger if necessary but staying at that wait isn't a bad thing either.

    At Alabama in an offense coached by Nick Saban, the Crimson Tide has seen success in the running game with Trent Richardson and others. Part of that is the skills of the backs but linemen like Warmack make those running holes possible.

    Considering the Cowboys are sitting at No.18 in the first round, they might have to move up to get this guy but he's worth it. The guard play for Dallas has been mediocre on its best day for too long and Warmack would instantly change that fact.

Round 2: SS Matt Elam, Florida

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    The Cowboys made big strides on defense this year under Rob Ryan, even with multiple key injuries, but strong safety is still an Achilles' heel for the unit.

    Barry Church, Danny McCray and Charlie Peprah just aren't the long-term answer at this position—sorry Jerry Jones. There's a reason that the thought among media members heading into the 2012 NFL Draft was that Dallas would take Mark Barron in the first round.

    Play has not gotten better at the position since then and Matt Elam is just the man to fix this problem for the 'Boys. During his time at Florida, Elam has become one of the program's most notable names and has become a leader for the Gator defense.

    He has great speed and understands his role defensively, which helps make up for his 5'10" height. If the Cowboys are smart, they'll find a way to draft this Gator in the second round.

Round 3: OT Brennan Williams, North Carolina

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    Brennan Williams is coming off shoulder surgery that cost him much of his senior season at North Carolina. While that is a bit of a red flag, this is an opportunity to buy low on a quality player.

    Injuries before entering the NFL draft always make players who could go in the first two rounds slide to the third, fourth or fifth. This is one of those situations but the slight gamble on Brennan would pay off big for Dallas.

    The Cowboys offensive line was atrocious in 2011 and 2012 in large part thanks to Doug Free's lackluster performance both years. It's time to move on from the overpaid, mediocre lineman and make way for a player who can hold his block.

    Williams' 6'7" height is a big plus and his current weight of 315 pounds isn't a bad thing either. He's proven an ability to block competently in both the run and pass, which is more than Free can say as of late.

    The offensive line is the Cowboys' most glaring issue heading into next season. The pair of Williams and Chance Warmack would do wonders towards fixing this major problem for the 'Boys.

Round 4: RB Montee Ball, Wisconsin

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    Montee Ball is one of those players who isn't going to be able to see the same success in the NFL that they did in college. Luckily for the Cowboys, they don't need Ball to be fantastic, they just need him to be a great change of pace back.

    Felix Jones' contract is up heading into the 2013 season and Dallas' front office would be wise to keep things that way. It's time to come out and say he was a first-round bust and plug Ball in as DeMarco Murray's new backup.

    Ball is a strong runner who would be a great short yardage and goal line-type back for Dallas, who was notorious for struggling in the red zone this past season.

    Jones needs to be shown the door in Vally Ranch and Ball would be a perfect fit to take over his vacated position with the team. Ball has the ability to make plays and could work well in a limited roll on the NFL level.

Round 5: Trade Pick to Houston for QB T.J. Yates

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    It would likely be something like a fifth round pick in 2013 and a third in 2014 to get T.J. Yates to Dallas, but he's worth the price tag.

    The truth is, the 2013 quarterback class gets real ugly after the first several guys. There's not anybody worth considering after the third round.

    That means the Cowboys better give their fellow Texas team a call and figure out Yates' price. Tony Romo should be the starter for Dallas next season, but at 34 next year, it's time to find a contingency plan.

    In Week 17 against the Redskins, Romo was the fourth-oldest quarterback starting that Sunday. Yates is young and helped the Texans not only win games, but win a playoff game last year.

    Whether those traits are something that Yates could continue to do in a starting role has yet to be seen. Still, he has a better chance of doing so than any quarterback in this year's draft not named Geno Smith.

Round 6: OLB Etienne Sabino, Ohio State

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    At this point in the draft, it's all about how good your scouts are and pure luck. Considering how many injuries the Cowboys saw at linebacker last season, Etienne Sabino would be a solid depth guy.

    The Buckeye has a great frame at 6'3" and 238 pounds and was one of the biggest names in recruiting coming out of high school. While that hype didn't exactly pan out the way Ohio State might have liked, Sabino has untapped potential.

    When you're in the sixth round, untapped potential is something that will perk any team's interest. He finished his 2012 with an injury but not before recording 45 tackles on the year.

    Sabino isn't by any means a guarantee to pan out in the NFL but not many players are this late in the draft. He's as good a lottery pick as any could be for the 'Boys at a position that could use some depth.