Boise State Football: 4 Recruits Most Likely to Start as Freshmen

Martin Sondermann@@GamedayreporterAnalyst IIJanuary 7, 2013

Boise State Football: 4 Recruits Most Likely to Start as Freshmen

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    Incoming freshmen at any college have several things swirling around in their minds as school, class, fees, books, dorms and general college life bombard them from all directions.

    For the college football player, that load also includes practice, meetings, learning plays, schemes, systems, routines, team life and the exhaustion related to everything that pertains to it.

    With everything it takes to succeed in college athletics and the overwhelming initiation into such a universe, it is highly unlikely that a true freshman will ever see the field in his first year, let alone start.

    However, in every class of incoming athletes, there are those who just seem to have it all. They keep it together, they are highly developed, they have a knack for football and learning new systems and they are at the right place at the right time.

    For a true freshman to start, the circumstances also have to be right, i.e. a position that is thin, maybe an injured starter or various things that occur during the course of a season.

    In the projected recruiting class for Boise State in 2013, there are several excellent players on the list. There are several that could play during their first season, but there are only a few that may actually have a chance to start.

    With that in mind, let's look at the exclusive list of 2013 Boise State recruits who could start as true freshmen in the upcoming season.

Aaron Baltazar

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    There are several candidates in the projected 2013 Boise State recruiting class that could see the field next season. However, there are only a few that could possibly start.

    While still a long shot, Aaron Baltazar has the size and talent to contribute right away if he has to. The only way it probably happens is if projected starter Jay Ajayi is ineffective or injured. Even if that were to happen, there are others, like junior college transfer Derrick Thomas, who could step up.

    Look for Baltazar to make some noise in fall camp, but the question will be if the noise he makes is loud enough to burn a redshirt.

Andrew Tercek

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    The offensive line is always a brutal place to play. It takes its toll on the body, and it seems few teams start the season and end the season with the same five starters.

    Andrew Tercek is a 4-star recruit out of East Central High School in San Antonio, Tex. He is 6'3", 285 lbs. and is very strong, and very capable.

    If the line runs thin or if projected starters and backups aren't doing what they should be doing, Tercek could be brought in for depth, but he could find himself atop the depth chart by season's end.

Tanner Vellejo or Joey Martarano

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    Tanner Vellejo, another Boise State 2013 recruiting class projection, is a linebacker ranked at No. 36 at his position by He has the size and talent to play as a freshmen. He is 6'1", 220 lbs.

    Will he start in 2013?

    It will be difficult, but things could and do happen during the course of a football season that bring about strange events.

    Joey Martarano is another possibility. However, he may choose baseball over football. He is a serious talent and could find himself a major league offer he can't refuse.

    Boise State has a handful of excellent linebackers coming back next season, and that will make it hard for a true freshman to grab playing time. Blake Renaud, Dustin Kamper and others will certainly be looking for their time to shine.

2013 Recruiting Class

4 of 4 has 23 recruits currently listed on the Boise State recruiting page. Those players have either verbally committed or, in the case of a few junior college transfers, they have already signed to be Broncos.

    Among the list are two 4-star recruits and 17 3-star recruits.

    The group includes two cornerbacks, two defensive ends, three defensive tackles, an inside linebacker, two outside linebackers, two offensive linemen, a quarterback, two running backs, two safeties, a tight end, three wide receivers and a kicker.

    It will no doubt be the highest-ranked recruiting class in Boise State history, and it should produce a handful of players who contribute in 2013.

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