Calling True or False on the Biggest January Transfer Window Rumours

Thomas Atzenhoffer@socceratzCorrespondent IIJanuary 9, 2013

Calling True or False on the Biggest January Transfer Window Rumours

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    The Premier League's January transfer window is going full speed ahead, and the rumors continue to fly off the press.

    Be sure to stay tuned to this article, as we will be updating it every evening as B/R calls fact or fiction on the biggest rumors of each day throughout the transfer period.

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    It already looks to be a busy transfer season and hopefully all our clubs can add a few pieces to their puzzle for the second half of their respective campaigns.

David Villa to Arsenal

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    Updated: January 8, 2012

    Barcelona star David Villa was recently linked with a move to Arsenal this week according to the Mirror.

    However, the Spanish striker has been claimed as essential to the future of the Blaugrana by club President Sandro Rosell in the Telegraph: "I completely rule out the transfer of [David] Villa during the winter market. He is ours and we need him—there is a lot of the season left."

    Verdict: False

Radamel Falcao to Leave Atletico Madrid

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    Updated: January 8, 2012

    Atletico Madrid star striker Radamel Falcao has been linked to a vast majority of clubs this January. Most recently he is being rumored to be headed to Italy, according to comments he made as quoted by SkySports: "A future in Italy? It could be. Heaven knows what the destiny is. I don't exclude a future in Italy."

    I have a favorite club, but I prefer not to say which it is.

    Falcao has been on top form for the better part of two seasons, and he will likely not go anywhere until the summer, as the massive fee he could command will not likely be splashed in the middle of a campaign.

    Verdict: False

Mario Balotelli Back to Italy

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    Updated: January 8, 2012

    Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli has been rumored to be moving back to Milan and the Italian Serie A.

    However, this time he was thought to be headed to the red side of the San Siro, with AC Milan rather than Inter Milan, where he began his career under Roberto Mancini. according to the Mirror.

    In contrast to the above rumor, AC Milan club president Silvio Berlusconi was quoted by ESPN as never having even mentioned that a move for the Citizen outcast was on the table: "The name of Balotelli never came into my thoughts, he is a rotten apple and could infect every group where he goes, even Milan."

    Verdict: False

Marouane Fellaini out of Everton in January

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    Updated: January 8, 2012

    Everton star Marouane Fellaini has been linked all over Europe, just as many other top English Premier League players, according to BBC.

    Toffees manager David Moyes himself has claimed that reaching Europe and achieving Champions League action could be the only way to keep Fellaini at the club in the summer, telling

    I would ­really hope Fellaini will stay if we were in the Champions League. Of course, he might still go for the money on offer somewhere else, but at least he wouldn't be going for the Champions League. If you want to keep your best ­players you need top European ­football because they want to be involved in that.

    Chelsea are believed to be the top suitors for Fellaini (via, but they may hold off on spending the massive fee that will likely reach into the range of £30 million until they decide if they will keep Frank Lampard this summer.

    However, according to his own comments to SkySports, Fellaini could yet remain until the end of his contract with Everton: "I want to go higher in football but I have a contract with Everton until 2016 and, if they want me to, I will see it out to the end."

    Of course, no club would want to keep a player against their will, as it would not help either party to be successful.

    Verdict: True, if Blues sell Lampard.

Theo Walcott to Remain at Arsenal

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    Updated: January 8, 2012

    Arsenal spent the majority of the early campaign giving Theo Walcott the cold shoulder over a new contract to the extent that he hardly saw pitch time until the last two months.

    However, that seemed to have been just the medicine that he needed to start making the most of every opportunity and rocketing to the best form of his career.

    There were rumors linking him all over Europe for the majority of the first half of the season, but it now appears that he is set to receive a massive offer of £25 million over the next five years from Arsenal, according to John Cross of the Mirror.

    Verdict: True

Wesley Schneider Decides on Galatasaray for the Money

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    Updated: January 9, 2012

    Inter Milan have reportedly agreed to the terms of a transfer fee for the services of Wesley Schneider with Turkish club Galatasaray.

    Turkish newspaper Milliyet have said that Galatasaray have offered Sneijder €6 million per season, roughly £4.68 million, plus bonuses for different levels of achievement both individually and at the club level.

    However, the catch 22 of the deal is that Schneider has to agree to the terms and he could either reject them or potentially wait until the final minute of the transfer window to see if another club offers him a better deal.

    He also could decide that location and/or league competition and not salary is his primary motivation and make a switch based on the chances of silverware in another top European league.

    Verdict: True