NBA Trade Speculation: 3 Teams Who Can Use Sacramento's Jimmer Fredette

Andy Bailey@@AndrewDBaileyFeatured ColumnistJanuary 7, 2013

NBA Trade Speculation: 3 Teams Who Can Use Sacramento's Jimmer Fredette

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    Jimmer Fredette is arguably the best offensive player on the Sacramento Kings, but he only plays 14 minutes a game and it has become clear that head coach Keith Smart isn't concerned with getting the former BYU superstar more playing time.

    Until a couple of games ago, Fredette led the Kings in player efficiency rating (PER). With a PER of 18.4, he's now second on the team behind DeMarcus Cousins. He leads Sacramento in true shooting percentage, offensive rating and win shares per 48 Minutes.

    In just 14 minutes a game, Fredette is averaging 8.2 points a game while shooting 41 percent from three-point range and 91 percent from the free-throw line.

    The young guard's talents are being utterly wasted in a system and on a team that couldn't be much worse for him.

    Prior to the season, there were rumblings that Fredette may be moved, and his strong offensive play these first few months of the season may have increased his trade value. 

    Here are three teams that could use Jimmer's offensive abilities.

Los Angeles Lakers

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    Steve Nash will be 39 years old in February, and the Lakers' backup point guard situation is not impressive. In fact, the entire bench has been awful.

    Steve Blake, Chris Duhon and Darius Morris all have PERs under 10. Fredette would be a huge upgrade at the backup point guard position and would be a much-needed offensive spark to the second unit.

    Fredette's outside shooting would be a perfect fit in Mike D'Antoni's up-and-down system and would help spread the floor for Nash, Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard.

    This would also be the best destination for Jimmer's individual development. Learning under Steve Nash would help prepare Fredette for a long and successful career.

Denver Nuggets

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    The Nuggets already have two very good point guards in Ty Lawson and Andre Miller, but they are one of the worst three-point shooting teams in the NBA.

    As a unit, they shoot just under 33 percent from behind the arc. That's good for 28th in the league. 

    Denver's fast-paced offense would be even more dangerous with a real three-point threat on the floor to help spread things out for slashers like Lawson, Andre Iguodala, Danilo Gallinari and others.

Utah Jazz

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    Jimmer became a national sensation as a senior at Utah's Brigham Young University. His popularity stretched from sea to shining sea, but in Utah it went beyond popularity and into hysteria.

    Plenty of people thought it would have made sense for the Utah Jazz to capitalize on that popularity by drafting Jimmer Fredette. They went with Enes Kanter with the third overall pick in 2011, and Fredette was gone by the time the Jazz picked again.

    They could make up for passing on Jimmer in that draft by now trading for him. He would instantly be one of the most popular players on the team and his jersey would likely sell more than any other member of the Jazz.

    Beyond the marketing angle, Jimmer would be a big boost to Utah's offense. Like the Lakers, the Jazz could use an upgrade at the backup point guard position and Fredette could provide that.

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