Power Ranking Top 5 Events of College Football Offseason

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIIJanuary 6, 2013

Power Ranking Top 5 Events of College Football Offseason

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    The college football offseason is all about hype.

    It takes what seems like an eternity for the college football season to get here, and as soon as it comes, it vanishes like The Dark Knight after meeting with Commissioner Gordon. Seriously, didn't the season just start?

    Life without college football is dreadful, but at least there are a few events in the offseason to generate excitement for next season.

    Here are some important dates to keep an eye out for.

5. Big Ten Media Days

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    The Big Ten created so many compelling storylines in 2012.

    From Urban Meyer leading Ohio State to an undefeated season to Bill O'Brien winning eight games with Penn State to the Big Ten being unbelievably weak (who predicted Northwestern to finish highest in the final polls?), this media conference should be interesting to say the least.

    O'Brien and Meyer should serve as the media darlings because of the coaching jobs they've done in 2012, while Bo Pelini and Brady Hoke should have to answer some pretty difficult questions after losing multiple games this past season.

    Eh, on second thought, the media might be better off without asking Pelini too many questions.

    It's been an unpredictable season for the Big Ten, and that lays the foundation for a fascinating Big Ten media days this summer.

4. Conference Expansion

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    OK, this isn't really a date per say, but it's always something to be aware of.

    No one really knows when or if the whole conference expansion will pick back up, but if it does, it'll dominate college football news.

    It seems like superconferences will inevitably form, and because of that very reason, conferences feel pressure to bring in more and more teams. Don't expect that to change.

    In the past year, the SEC brought in Texas A&M and Missouri, the Big Ten came to terms with Maryland and Rutgers and the Big East nearly crumbled.

    What will 2013 bring?

3. Preseason Polls Announced

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    Oh, Lane Kiffin, where will your USC Trojans begin the season this year?

    Depending on who you ask, preseason polls are normally very important or are completely insignificant. In 2013, the preseason polls should grab everyone's attention.

    Why is that? Well, you can thank USC. You see, USC began the year at No. 1, but after the Trojans failed to win the national championship, Pac-12 championship, win their bowl game or even win eight games this season, fans have grown to hate the preseason polls even more.

    But that doesn't mean they won't pay attention to them. Because as soon as the preseason polls are announced, the person who hates it the most will be the first to look.

    "Why is this team on here? Are you kidding me? They're ahead of them?" College football fans love to find reasons to complain, and come August, fans will have plenty of reasons when the preseason polls are decided.

2. SEC Media Days

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    You should be excited about the 2013 SEC media days because of two words: Steve Spurrier.

    This is Spurrier's platform to speak his mind, and he never disappoints. Along with Spurrier, Les Miles is sure to speak candidly, while Will Muschamp and Nick Saban will try to be as robotic as possible.

    Hugh Freeze and Ole Miss might be under siege when Dan Mullen takes the podium, but then again, Mullen might be humbled after Ole Miss put a 41-24 beating on his Bulldogs.

    James Franklin will be nearing superstar status when he walks through the door simply because of his flamboyant demeanor and success at Vanderbilt. It seems like decades ago when he walked through the door as if he was the most unpopular kid in high school.

    Ah, this truly is one of the best events of the offseason, and it's sure to deliver soundbites from college football's greatest characters that get that adrenaline pumping for the upcoming season.

1. Nkemdiche's Decision

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    Come on, this offseason is all about Robert Nkemdiche.

    After his decomittment from Clemson, Nkemdiche has dominated the recruiting world. Which school will this amazingly gifted defensive end choose?

    Well, as for right now, NKemdiche told ESPN that Ole Miss and LSU are his top choices. Ole Miss is considered the favorite because his brother, Denzel Nkemdiche, plays linebacker for the Rebels.

    And though Nkemdiche is the main attraction, signing day in general is always a big event for college football fans because it's the start of next season.

    Gaining a valuable recruit can not only give a team a brighter future, but it can give a team momentum moving into spring practice. Gaining a talent like Nkemdiche would certainly do so for any team he chooses.