SEG Pound 4 Pound II Results: Robert Brant Shines in Win over Romon Barber

Nick CaronAnalyst IJanuary 6, 2013

Former multiple-time Golden Gloves amateur boxing champion Robert Brant improved to 5-0 as a pro on Saturday night with a dominant win over Romon Barber at Sterling Entertainment Group/Fight Area 51's "Pound 4 Pound II."

The event took place at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Minneapolis and featured a few of Brant's fellow Circle of Discipline training partners, but it was "Bravo" himself who really stole the show with a thorough beatdown of his toughest opponent thus far as a pro.

Romon Barber, a seasoned veteran as a mixed martial artist, held a professional boxing record of just 2-2 when he stepped into the ring to fight Brant, but his record alone doesn't show the kind of fighter that he is. Barber has won five straight fights as a mixed martial artist, including four by way of knockout due to strikes. 

Even for a technical boxing wizard like Brant, this fight was no cakewalk. 

Confident as always in his ability, Brant started the fight off strong and busted open Barber's nose just moments into the first round. He stunned the mixed martial artist with a lighting quick straight right hand down the pipe.

Brant moved around the ring with ease, tagging Barber with a tremendous variety of shots throughout the six-round bout. It wasn't easy, though, but Barber held his own, even causing some swelling over Brant's left eye as they headed into the fourth round. 

In the end, though, the raw, technical boxing skills of "Bravo" were too much for Barber to contain. Brant earned the unanimous judges' decision (58-55, 59-53, 59-54) in what turned out to be a lopsided bout. 

Although Brant had to be a bit disappointed that he was unable to finish the fight, it wasn't because he didn't try. We later found out that Brant injured his hand midway through the bout, which also led to him nearly throwing up in the sixth and final round. 

Even in a loss, Barber proved that he can take an incredible amount of punishment and keep coming even against one of the very best in the midwest. He will learn a lot from this fight and should become a better boxer because of it.

No word on who Brant's next opponent in the ring will be, but there's little doubt that we will soon be seeing him on a bigger stage.