7 Reasons John Cena vs. The Rock 2 Should Not Happen

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIJanuary 8, 2013

7 Reasons John Cena vs. The Rock 2 Should Not Happen

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    The rematch between The Rock and John Cena already seems to be penciled in for WrestleMania 29.

    Fans and wrestling news sites alike appear to be convinced that the WWE is planning to have this match take place at the company's biggest pay-per-view for the second straight year.

    It's easy to see why that's the case. The dominoes certainly appear to be falling that way, and Rock vs. Cena: The Rematch is a money-making match just waiting to happen.

    But the more we hear that the rematch of all rematches is going to take place, the more I'm convinced that it shouldn't.

    Here are seven reasons why The Rock vs. John Cena 2 should not happen at WrestleMania 29.

7. Because It Will Likely Be for the WWE Championship

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    If The Rock vs. John Cena does take place at WrestleMania 29, the odds of it involving the WWE Championship are very high.

    In all likelihood, it would be The Rock defending the title against Cena and losing it to him so that Cena could avenge last year's loss.

    But if the WWE does decide to put the WWE title on the line in this match, that means that it's taking another potentially major WrestleMania 29 match off the table.

    Just look at WrestleMania 28, when CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship was the third-biggest match on the card despite involving the WWE's most prestigious title. Now imagine if that match didn't involve the WWE title at all.

    Punk vs. Jericho wouldn't have felt nearly as special without the WWE title on the line, and that's the same risk that the WWE would be running if Rock vs. Cena was for the title this year.

    The Rock vs. Cena is so big that it doesn't need the WWE Championship involved in it, and if it does, all that's really going to accomplish is kill the importance of another WrestleMania 29 match.

    For example, would Punk's 'Mania match matter more if it involved the WWE title or was a random singles match (that wasn't against Undertaker or "Stone Cold")?


6. There Doesn't Need to Be a 'Passing of the Torch'

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    There continues to be all this chatter about The Rock "passing the torch" to John Cena by losing to him at WrestleMania 29.

    A "passing of the torch"? To John Cena?

    The notion that The Rock needs to pass the torch to Cena is borderline absurd. Cena is firmly established as the face of the WWE, and in fact, he has been the company's top star since around 2006.

    He doesn't need anyone to pass the torch to him. He's held the WWE's torch for the better part of a decade now.

    If the WWE was going to have The Rock pass the torch to someone, it would make much more sense for him to do it by losing to a rising star who the company is trying to build up as "the next Cena," not Cena himself.

    Cena has accomplished anything and everything in the WWE. The idea that he needs to beat The Rock to avenge last year's loss is ludicrous.

    You don't pass the torch to a 35-year-old who's already one of the biggest names in wrestling history.

    You pass the torch to someone who needs to beat a guy like The Rock to be taken seriously as the WWE's next top star.

5. 'Once in a Lifetime'

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    The tag line of the WrestleMania 28 match between The Rock and John Cena was "Once in a Lifetime."

    That, of course, led many fans to think that WrestleMania 28 would be the one and only time we would see The Rock and Cena go one-on-one.

    If the WWE decides to hold Rock vs. Cena 2, though, it is essentially saying that "Once in a Lifetime" was nothing more than a slogan meant to generate PPV buys and sell DVDs.

    Some fans even think that holding this match "Twice in a Lifetime" cheapens the first one.

    I'm not one of those fans who's all bent out of shape about this because I realize that "Once in a Lifetime" was a simple slogan that was used to make the WWE money.

    At the same time, I can understand why some would be upset about it.

    It's almost like a slap in the face of the fans, who thought that The Rock vs. Cena would truly be a "once in a lifetime" event, only to realize that that won't be the case.

    If we get The Rock vs. Cena one more time, it won't seem as special. It won't be "Once in a Lifetime."

4. It Won't Live Up to the First One

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    It's very rare that a sequel lives up its predecessor.

    The Rock vs. John Cena 2 likely won't, either.

    The first encounter between these two seemed like such a big deal because it was a rivalry that had been built up for more than a year and it led to a match that had never happened.

    But The Rock vs. Cena 2 takes away both of those aspects.

    The second match between the two won't have a year of buildup (it will have only a couple of months), and it will be the second match they have. Not their first one.

    When you consider that, it's safe to say that "The Rematch" is not going to live up to the first one.

    The Rock vs. Cena at WrestleMania 28 seemed so special because it was a clash of bitter rivals who had, aside from a few occasions, never really even put their hands on each other.

    But since then, The Rock has hardly been around, and Cena has moved on to other things.

    It's going to be really difficult to reignite the fire of this once intense rivalry, and even if that happens, odds are that it won't be nearly as hot as the last one.

3. Better Ways to Use Cena?

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    With most fans convinced that The Rock vs. John Cena will happen again at WrestleMania 29, many have totally forgotten about other potential 'Mania matches for Cena.

    But as the biggest full-time star in the WWE, there will certainly be no shortage of potential WrestleMania opponents for "The Champ."

    What about Cena vs. Ryback? How about Cena vs. Sheamus? Maybe Cena vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin?

    Better yet, what about the match that a ton of fans seem to want to see? What about Cena challenging The Undertaker and attempting to end "The Streak"?

    While a Cena/Rock match would obviously still be huge, you have to wonder if the WWE is better off using Cena in some other way.

    A potential Cena/Undertaker match could be absolutely monumental, and with The Undertaker's career nearing an end, WrestleMania 29 might be the WWE's last chance to make that match happen.

    Now, there aren't a whole lot of potential Cena matches that would be "better" than Cena vs. Rock, but a match like Cena vs. Undertaker might be one of the most anticipated matches in WWE history.

    And yes, it might be best to have Cena go after "The Streak" while he still can. 

2. Better Options for the Rock?

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    Just like there might be "better" WrestleMania 29 options for John Cena, there might be better ways to use The Rock at the pay-per-view as well.

    The Rock is such a big draw that, essentially, he's going to generate interest in WrestleMania no matter who he faces, so the WWE might seriously want to consider having him face someone other than Cena.

    Two potential matches that immediately come to mind are The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar and The Rock vs. The Undertaker.

    With next to no one expecting "The Streak" to end, the WWE could easily have The Rock face The Undertaker as a special attraction legends match between two of the biggest names from the Attitude Era.

    Similarly, the WWE could have The Rock vs. Lesnar, which would likely generate a ton of PPV buys and could make sense from a storyline standpoint as well if, let's say, Lesnar costs The Rock the WWE title at Royal Rumble.

    The bottom line is that the WWE shouldn't assume that The Rock should face Cena at WrestleMania 29.

    There are other options for both men that both make sense and would likely result in a huge buyrate for the show.

    And at the end of the day, isn't that the WWE's goal anyway?

1. The Possibility of 2 Rematches Headlining WrestleMania 29

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    There's a good chance that WrestleMania 29 will be the "WrestleMania of Rematches."

    One of the PPV's rumored main events is the not-so-anticipated SummerSlam rematch between Brock Lesnar and Triple H, which has been rumored for months

    Another rumored WrestleMania 29 main event is obviously "The Rematch" between The Rock and John Cena, which has been rumored for so long that it's almost expected to happen.

    On paper, those two matches sound great. The problem is that this would mean that arguably the top two WrestleMania 29 matches would be rematches of bouts that we've seen within the last year.

    That's not exactly a great idea.

    WrestleMania is supposed to be a PPV that features fresh feuds, but it looks like there's a very real possibility that the show will be headlined by two rematches that most fans aren't exactly clamoring to see.

    Throw in the rumored CM Punk vs. Undertaker and Randy Orton vs. Sheamus matches, and suddenly, WrestleMania doesn't feel as special as most previous ones.

    In fact, if these bouts all take place, WrestleMania 29 is sure to draw complaints as a show full of matches that we've already seen before.


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