Lets Hope That Triple H Beats Down Randy Orton on Monday Night Raw

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMarch 29, 2009

In a strange twist of fate, I Ryan Michael (President of the Randy Orton Fan Club) will not be rooting for his favorite Superstar this Monday Night. Instead, I am going to focus all of my passion and support on Triple H.

You'd think that I'd want Randy Orton to hurt him one final time before heading into Wrestlemania XXV, but it is Triple H who needs to hurt Randy Orton this time around.

No, I have not lost any support for Randy Orton and no, his despicable actions last week have not forced me to stop supporting him.

Rather, I honestly want Triple H to get his revenge. After what Randy Orton did to his wife last week, I feel that he really needs to be beaten down so Triple H can make a statement.

Make a statement that he WILL walk out of Wrestlemania XXV as...the former WWE Champion.

That's right, Triple H succeeding on Raw can mean only good things for Randy Orton's destiny. It's simply WWE mathematics. Triple H entering Wresltemania XXV with all the momentum will all but guarantee the dawning of a new age, the second Age of Orton.

If Randy Orton is to lose at Wrestlemania, the WWE would have him enter the event with all the momentum, lead us to believe he will walk away as the new WWE Champion and make it look all the more heroic when Triple H conquers the evil evolution of Sports Entertainment.

However, if Randy Orton manages to best Triple H on Raw this Monday, don't cancel your pay-per-view pre-order just yet. There would still be Smackdown to provide Triple H with an opportunity to get in one final blow (that is, if Orton would even bother coming to that program).

Yet, if Orton manages to enter Wrestlemania with full momentum, all hope is not lost.

The WWE could still be preparing us to believe he will lose so that way they can shock us when he wins.

Bottom line, Randy Orton getting beat down on Raw will only help his chances but if he does manage to retain his momentum, he might still have a shot.

It might seem like an odd twist of fate but I will be rooting for Triple H on Monday, I just might have to keep a vomit-bag handy just in case.