Jay Wright On For Nova

steven leahyContributor IMarch 29, 2017

                                          JAY WRIGHT ON FOR NOVA

         Nova fans must be on a high after such a big win.Nova played a solid game on both ends of the court.Shooting only 34 percent in the first half.Early the wildcats set the tone.They were gonna play there game and not let PITT. control the tempo.Nobody expected such a great defensive showing from nova.

        This is a tremendous thrill,"said coach Write after the game."We battle them all the time in recruting and on the court." These two teams have a great respect for each other."It never gets personnel." Jay wright seemed to say all the rite things after the game.

         AT half-time nova was down two they had to be feeling confident knowing they were rite in this game.Scottie Reynolds putting up 15 Pt's and 2 rebounds.Two of his points would turn out to be with just one second left on the clock."Its something we do everyday in practice end of the game situations." Reynolds said. "When I got the ball it was an instinct play."

        What a great group of kids. Exspect these kids to leave it all on the court in the final four.