2009 NFL Mock Draft: Detriot Lions

Dakota SchmidtContributor IMarch 29, 2009

With the first pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions select...Most people would think that the Lions would pick Matthew Stafford out of Georgia. But before making that assumption that the Lions would draft the hot QB, let's look back to the 2002 NFL Draft. 

As most of you remember, the Lions took a chance on what the football experts called the "future" of the franchise—Joey Harrington, but the "future" ended up being a journeyman backup for the past three years.

Overall, I really don't see the Lions making such a risky move, when they have so much on the line. Also other than Calvin Johnson and Kevin Smith, the Lions really don't have any offensive options, and if they draft Stafford, he'll have a lot of problems despite his abilities.

Look for the Lions to either draft a QB later in the draft, go for a veteran in free agency, or just go with Daunte Culpepper.

So, the Lions aren't going to Stafford, who will they pick? Well, I believe that they will pick the athletic, nimble, and very agile offensive tackle out of Baylor—Jason Smith.

The reason why I think Smith is deserving of the top pick is because he was a stellar offensive tackle at Baylor. Also, one of the Lions' biggest problems last year was their horrible O-Line.

With the drafting of Smith, the Lions would at least be able to have one great and reliable linemen for at least 15 years. Sure Smith isn't going to get all the endorsement deals that Stafford would possibly get, but a hard working player like Smith is just what the doctor ordered for the Lions.