Can't Be Stopped

John ManzoContributor IMarch 29, 2009

As the pre-season favorites for the 2009 NCAA season, Tyler Hansbrough and his North Carolina Tar Heels are on a mission to prove that they are worthy of being the nations number one team. After a mishap at the beginning of conference play, North Carolina has quickly gathered themselves in time for tournament play. The Tar Heels seem absolutely unbeatable in every sense of the game. Ty Lawson, the 5-11 junior, possesses a driving threat that causes thedefense to collapse allowing easy looks at three pointers for swing-man Wayne Ellington. When all else fails, send it to the big man Tyler Hansbrough who has great coordination and superb concentration while being fearless under the basket. His attributes are an exact model of what a North Carolina Tar Heel is.

So far in the 2009 NCAA Tournament the North Carolina Tar Heels seems unstoppable. The Tar Heels easily rolled past the Big South Champions in Radford, then slopped it on late against the Louisiana State Tigers, advancing to the Sweet Sixteen. After a week of rest the Tar Heels kept the momentum rolling as they knocked off Gonzaga, making it look easy with a 98-77 smashing from all aspects of the game.

With potential player of the year Blake Griffin and the Oklahoma Sooner up next the Tar Heels ended the game quickly. Jumping out to a 7-0 lead and never looked back. The nets comes down for UNC again as they enter their 18th Final Four, tied for most among NCAA teams along with UCLA.

Now with a trip to Detroit on their plates, the UNC Tar Heels should be ready to cut the nets again. Villanova, a guard oriented team will be a great  match up for North Carolina with Tyler Hansbrough. Assuming everything falls into play there will be a UNC-MSU  Final or UNC-UCONN final.


North Carolina has the balance to knock down the power house Huskies. Huskies big man Hasheem Thabeet is the main dominant threat, but once removed from the court UNC should be able to exploit the driving lanes such as Syracuse did in their Big East Tournament six overtime thriller at Madison Square Garden.


Home state or not I believe North Carolina has the distinct edge over the Spartans. On December 3, 2008 North Carolina entered Ford Field and obliterated Michigan State 98-63. I would assume with all that's on the line for this game it will be a little closer, but I still see the Tar Heels coming out on top.

This UNC team is on a mission and is in full force to win another National Championship. Expect President Barack Obama to be correct in his pick as North Carolina will be cutting down the nets at the end of the 2009 NCAA Tournament.