Vince Can't See Me: ATGWW, Part Two

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IMarch 29, 2009

Welcome to yet another action-packed episode of ATGWW. Tonight, we will crown our first ATGWW Champion.


Triple Threat ATGWW Championship Match: Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Melina

Unlike the last time these three warriors met, this match was anything but predictable.

After so many unattainable finishers and interrupted pins, James fell in a fluke incident  from the top ropes, allowing Phoenix to hit a Glam Slam on Melina and become the first ATGWW Champion.

Winner, and new ATGWW Champion: Beth Phoenix.


Tag Team Championship Qualifier Match: Lita and Trish vs. Maryse and Michelle

The match started off with Lita and Maryse. Lita used all her strategy in keeping  Maryse at the opposite side of the ring where she could not tag in Michelle.

After executing the Cross Arm Breaker, Lita was about to use her finisher, the Swinging Snap DDT, when Trish tagged herself in and used the Chick Kick, followed by a roll up, to take the win.

Winners: Lita and Trish, who move on to the Tag Team Championship match.


ATG Queen of Extreme Qualifier Tournament Two: Chyna vs. Beth Phoenix

This was the match of the century.

Both women were strong and dominant in this match. At one point, the match nearly went to Phoenix when she picked Chyna up and attempted a Glam Slam.

But Chyna managed to tuck under for a sunset flip, which nearly ended the match again, until Beth kicked out and was back on her feet.

Chyna had been waiting for this. She picked up the Glamazon and delivered a power bomb to finish her off.

Winner: The ninth wonder of the world, Chyna.


Lumber-Jill Match: Brie Bella vs. Nickie Bella

This is the match everyone had been waiting for, sister against sister, the twins going at it.

Which one is the evil twin?

Both women locked into a grapple. Nickie was the first to break for the take down, and attempted a pin, but Brea managed to kick out on the two count and get to the other side of the ring.

They are testing each other for weaknesses and speed. This is awesome.

They explode off the ropes for a double clothesline. Brea manages to roll onto Nickie for the pin.

Winner: Brie Bella


Stay tuned for next week’s show.


The second round Powder Puff qualifying match will be a "come get some" match between Roxi, Molly Holly, Eve, Ashley, Gail Kim, and Katie Lee. The winner will face Brea Bella for the Powder Puff title.

Lita and Trish will take on Victoria and Natlya for the Tag Team Championship.

Jazz faces Chyna in the ATG Queen of Extreme tournament.


Stay tuned for more ATGWW action next week.