NCAA Tournament: March 27 Action

Mike DoyonCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2008

It's been a pretty eventful couple of days, to say the least.

Who would've thought all the underdogs would win in Tampa?

Add that to West Virginia telling Duke to take a hike and the Davidson win over Georgetown, and we've got a hell of a tourney on our hands. For the record, my brackets are in shambles. At least I'm not the only one feelin' the pain...

Here's how she stands after two rounds...

West Virginia/Xavier and UCLA/Western Kentucky are on tap for the West bracket, while the Washington State/UNC and Louisville/Tennessee doubleheader will give us some quality viewing in the East on Thursday.

Davidson will be trying to keep its Cinderella run alive when they meet Wisconsin on Friday in the Midwest, followed up by Villanova/Kansas. The South gives us Stanford/Texas and Memphis/Michigan State.

Needless to say, I know where I'll be Thursday night. Not sure about Friday though, as I'll likely be sipping fruity umbrella drinks by the pool in sunny Southern California. Shucks.