2013 NFL Mock Draft: Top 10 Quarterbacks in the Draft

Matt Schreiber@@schreiberstakeAnalyst IIIJanuary 7, 2013

2013 NFL Mock Draft: Top 10 Quarterbacks in the Draft

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    The 2013 NFL draft is less than four months away. Unfortunately, bottom-tiered teams in the NFL this season are a year late on the Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill and Russell Wilson sweepstakes.

    While the guys who have stated they will enter the draft don't necessarily compare to the talent that the Class of 2012 possesses, there are still some good names out there who can potentially make an impact in the NFL.

    I will key in on a few sleeper quarterbacks who aren't getting much credit for what they can do in the NFL. 

10. Matt Scott, Arizona

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    Matt Scott is a redshirt senior who is likely going to be the second quarterback out of Arizona drafted in consecutive years (Nick Foles). 

    He possesses quick speed but needs to get a bit faster to catch up to guys like RGIII. His size is unique for a quarterback and can be hard to bring down. He has a really strong arm and can sling it downfield over defenders.

    He needs to work on pocket presence and reading pre-snap blitzes at the professional level. Whoever drafts Scott in April will need to do some work with him. With NFL coaching, Scott could get a chance to start one day.

9. Zac Dysert, Miami (OH)

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    I am impressed by Zac Dysert and think he could potentially start in the NFL. He possesses great size and has nice pocket presence. He maintains solid footwork and is able to throw the ball through tight windows. He can throw while running to his left better than most college quarterbacks.

    He isn't the fastest player but can run for the first down on third if he needs to. His stats would be much better if his receivers didn't drop a good amount of his passes.

    He can launch it downfield with tremendous touch. He is able to keep his eyes downfield while under pressure and make something out of nothing.

    I like Dysert as a fourth or fifth round pick in the upcoming draft. 

8. Landry Jones, Oklahoma

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    Landry Jones was the nation's top passer in 2010. After a mediocre 2011 campaign, he decided to try and boost his draft stock by staying at Oklahoma in 2012.

    He threw for 4,267 yards and 30 touchdowns with only 11 interceptions.

    He is Oklahoma's all-time leading passer with 16,646 passing yards, 123 touchdowns, and 52 interceptions (ESPN).

    He has a great arm and has prototypical quarterback size. He stands tall at 6'4" and is great in the pocket. He has regressed throughout his career at Oklahoma, but that's likely due to the lack of talent they possess at the receiver position.

    In 2010 when he was the nation's top passer, he had Ryan Broyles to throw to and DeMarco Murray to complement him out of the backfield.

    Landry Jones could go anywhere between rounds three and five with potential to flourish in a system containing a lot of weapons.

7. E.J. Manuel, Florida State

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    Another guy possessing prototypical size is E.J. Manuel out of Florida State. He also possesses top-end speed for a quarterback and runs a 4.7 40-yard dash (ESPN).

    Manuel is simply a leader and competitor who has suffered quite a few injuries since taking over for Christian Ponder at FSU. Although, he is tough and will play through pain.

    His dual threat out from under center meshes well with the new breed of quarterbacks the NFL is starting to see. He can launch the ball downfield but needs to get better with touch and accuracy.

    His release needs to shorten as he usually dips the ball low before letting go of it. 

    He possesses great mobility in the pocket and is obviously able to make plays with his legs.

    Manuel could be a sleeper in this draft. He has the mobility, leadership and height to play in the NFL. With the right coaching, he could see starts someday.

    He will likely be off the board by round three.

6. Matt Barkley, USC

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    Matt Barkley did not impress me in 2012. He had two of the best receivers in the nation in Robert Woods and Marquis Lee and was only able to win seven out of the 11 games he started.

    I wasn't thrilled with his touchdown to interception ratio of 36-to-15 and his total passing yards (3,273) in 2012.

    He regressed since his 2011 campaign of 39 touchdowns to only seven interceptions (ESPN). 

    Enough of the negatives, let's talk about what Barkley has going for him. He possesses a high football IQ and is a tremendous leader. 

    He usually has great accuracy but mostly on short passes. He can throw the deep ball but needs to get better with it. His ability with it regressed in 2012.

    He would be great to develop behind a starter in the NFL, but I really don't see him as a starter just yet. If I am wrong, I will eat my words.

5. Tyler Bray, Tennessee

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    Tyler Bray had a tremendous year at Tennessee in 2012. He threw for 3,612 yards and 34 touchdowns (ESPN).

    He is the ideal height for a professional quarterback yet needs to get stronger to play at a professional level. Able to view the field from sideline to sideline, he is also able to move around in the pocket to avoid the blitz.

    He has terrific touch and can lead his receivers to virtually any spot on the field. His arm needs to get stronger though so he can throw it further downfield.

    He possesses a prototypical release for an NFL quarterback and can handle being pressured by pass-rushers. However, he doesn't have the ability to run away from defenders as he doesn't possess much speed.

    Bray could be a late second-round or third-round pick come April. 

4. Mike Glennon, NC State

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    Mike Glennon is the tallest quarterback entering the draft in 2013. He stands tall at 6'7" and weighs in at 225 pounds (ESPN).

    Glennon is mobile in the pocket and can read pre-snap blitzes. He leads by example and has a solid touch. He may have the best release of the football out of any quarterback in the draft.

    His three interceptions against Vanderbilt in the Music City Bowl may have turned a few NFL teams away from taking him early. 

    Glennon did throw for 493 yards and five touchdowns at Clemson on November 17, 2012, which was extremely impressive. 

    He needs to start making better decisions with the football in order to impress a team enough to take him in the first round. His mobility is average as he is not fast. He is no threat to run the ball.

    He is able to throw on the run at an elite level and is able to put tremendous touch on the ball while throwing it downfield.

    The NFL combine will be a big day for him.

    Glennon will probably be off the board within the first three rounds in April, but how high he goes depends on which team trusts him enough to potentially be their guy.

3. Ryan Nassib, Syracuse

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    Ryan Nassib has a rocket for an arm, which will probably come as a surprise to the NFL one day. Not many people were talking about Russell Wilson before draft day last year, but he made an immediate impact out of nowhere.

    Nassib doesn't possess the same dual threat as Wilson, but he can make the same surprise impact in the NFL.

    He can also throw touch passes and sling it through tight windows prior to the receiver getting to the ball. He has solid pocket presence though it could get better at the professional level. He is able to throw while running to his left without a problem.

    His deep ball can get a little more touch to improve, but he can launch the pigskin downfield.

    He isn't the fastest quarterback on the board, but can run for a first down if he needs to.

    I am impressed most by his quick throwing motion that doesn't give pass rushers the best chance of stripping the ball before he throws it.

    He defeated the top guy on my board, Geno Smith, 38-14 in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl in late December of 2012.

    It isn't likely someone will take him in the first round, but whoever waits on him could be in for a real treat.

2. Tyler Wilson, Arkansas

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    Wilson didn't have the best season in 2012 but that was mainly due to the lack of talent on Arkansas. We saw what he was able to do in 2011 when he put up 24 touchdowns to only six interceptions to go along with 3,638 yards through the air. 

    Instead of entering the draft in 2012, Wilson wanted to stay to try and beat Alabama. Unfortunately, he was injured in the game before against Louisiana-Monroe and was unable to suit up. Alabama would defeat his Razorbacks 52-0 (ESPN).

    I am really impressed by his mobility in the pocket as well as his ability to scramble. He can instantly sense the rush and see where it is coming from. He is able to escape pass-rushers and make plays with his feet.

    He possesses exceptional speed for a quarterback, running a 4.9 40-yard dash (ESPN).

    He is a great game manager and thrives under pressure. He can one day be an ideal NFL quarterback and is likely to be off the board in the first round. He could drop to round two depending on what the Chiefs do with the No. 1 pick.

1. Geno Smith, West Virginia

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    Geno Smith is undoubtedly the best quarterback available in the draft. It remains to be seen whether or not the Kansas City Chiefs will take him with the No. 1 pick in the draft, but he has the ability to be a lethal weapon in the NFL.

    He can completely take over a game with his arm or his legs. He started the 2012 season on a ridiculous tear. He threw for 2,274 yards with 25 touchdowns and no interceptions through West Virginia's first six games of the season.

    In West Virginia's third game of 2012 against Baylor, Geno Smith put up some of the most outstanding numbers I have ever seen. He completed 45-of-51 pass attempts for 656 yards and eight touchdowns with no interceptions.

    He possesses the ideal size and weight for a quarterback at 6'3" and 214 pounds (ESPN).

    He can burn you with his arm and if need be, can run better than most quarterbacks. He is extremely confident and shows tremendous pocket presence and mobility on camera.

    If West Virginia had a decent enough defense, West Virginia had the offensive fire power to make some serious noise in 2012. Their defense held them back and held Geno back.

    Geno is the most accurate deep-ball passer in the draft. He can sling it through tight windows and make you pay if you blitz him.

    NFL teams should not back off from his poor performance against Syracuse in the Pinstripe Bowl.

    Geno Smith is a terrific NFL prospect and without a doubt will go early in the first round in the upcoming draft.